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5 Things I can't do without: Ben Sorrell, hoof trimmer

Progressive Dairyman Editor Peggy Coffeen Published on 18 July 2017
Hoof trimming

Ben Sorrell lives in Galena, Missouri, traveling across the state and into northwest Arkansas and northeast Oklahoma as a professional hoof trimmer.

He started Sorrell Hoof Trimming 26 years ago and focuses primarily on trimming dairy cattle along with a small number of beef cattle. He trims herds ranging from 50 on up to 800 dairy cows.



Ben Sorrell


Ben Sorrell


“I was raised on a dairy farm and have always thought hoof health was interesting when I was younger,” Sorrell says. “In 1990, I started apprenticing under another older hoof trimmer, and in 1991, I started my own business.”


The highlights of Sorrell’s work include both working with the cattle and his dairy farmer customers.

“As the dairy industry is continually changing and facing new challenges, it is motivating for me to see the improvements and progression of the cattle I trim, as they get better and improve overall with hoof care,” he says. “Also, it is motivating to educate the dairymen on all the new ideas to see if we can make it work for their hoof program.”

Sorrell says he cannot do his job without these five essential things:

Clients: For putting their trust in me to provide quality trimming to improve and maintain good hoof health.

Hydraulic chute: I spent the first 10 years on a manual chute, and the hydraulic chutes are safer for the cows and less stress for the trimmer.

Supplies: It is very important to have the availability to get products immediately to be prepared to complete my job.


Heat gun: It is a very important tool used for putting on blocks in the cold winter and in the hot, humid weather we deal with in southwest Missouri.

Hoof Trimmers Association and World Trimmers social media group: We share information, ideas, videos and problems with various treatments. There is a lot of good information from across the U.S.  end mark

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