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In your own words... What one thing wouldn't you change about your relationship with your dairy clients?

Published on 08 June 2010

0910pd_iyow_magalhaes_alvaro“Being a solo practitioner gives me many opportunities to interact with dairymen. Not every time that I go to the dairy do I find the dairyman, the owner, but most of the time they are around when I visit. Some of my procedures I do with the owner, so we have good contact and very direct communication.

“My situation is a little different from a large clinic that has 15 to 20 vets where everyday there is a new vet that goes to a dairy. In big rotations you lose the ability to talk and address all of the issues, all of the concerns, all of the new ideas, all of the problems brought about by change.



"I don’t have this kind of problem because I’m with the owners almost every time that I’m there. So we try to be friendly and address the situation honestly. Sometimes they can’t do what I’d like them to do, but they always try to find the middle of the road so that we can agree.”

Alvaro Magalhaes
Independent veterinarian
Clovis, California


“Right now I have a personal and professional relationship with most of my clients due to the fact that they grew up in the area. We have a personal friendship, as I know their families. It puts more pressure on me to help them become and maintain profitability in this current economic climate.”

Cory Meyers
Mid-Maryland Dairy Veterinarians
Marion, Pennsylvania



“I wouldn’t change personal service. I freely and adamantly give out my cell phone number so they can call me with questions before there is a problem. Everything is definitely easier to take care of before it has been going on for a few days.”

Trent Lartz
Mountain View Veterinary Services
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania