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Keep in check: You hired a new employee, now what?

Liz Griffith for Progressive Dairy Published on 16 September 2020

“They either catch on or they don’t.” Those were the words from a farm manager when asked to share with me his new employee training technique.

Ironically, this same farmer was having difficulty finding successful employees who would stay longer than two or three months on the job. In a world where locating good help can be difficult, I believe it is in our best interest to invest in solid training techniques and clear expectations.



During my many years in the workplace, I can honestly say the job training that most prepared me for my duties and expectations was waitressing. The owner did not just hand me an apron and throw me out to the hungry customers. My manager and co-workers warmly welcomed me and provided specific “how to’s” and “whys” throughout my entire training process. My duties were explained to me along with the expectations of great customer service. The first few shifts, I shadowed another fellow waitress and could ask as many dumb questions as I needed to. As a result, I truly felt prepared to serve my first table.

Why, as farm owners, do we just throw new hires in the parlor and then assume they will either catch on or they won’t? As leaders, we need to prepare our inexperienced and experienced employees with the same detail for the new hires to complete their duties effectively and safely.

Follow up your business’s onboarding program with job training that will guarantee your new employees feel prepared and ready to tackle their duties and be outstanding, long-term team members.

New Employee Training Checklist

New Employee training checklist


Training takes time and effort; great training takes an even larger investment. Successful leaders and managers will leave nothing to chance. After all, your main goal is an effective long-term employee who feels they have the knowledge and tools to succeed. end mark

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