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New website tracks updates on technology for cows

Progressive Dairy Editor Walt Cooley Published on 29 December 2020

Tech and cows are two of my passions. Earlier this year, I started a new website to track the comings and goings of tech companies and their products.

The site is called The Cow Tech Report. While this may not be of interest to all, I invite any who have curiosity for what’s coming next to check out the site.



The content of the site will lean into the future of tech for cows. It aims to help three audiences with its content:

1. Help dairy producers sort through available technologies to help them decide which ones solve a problem they have, make them more efficient and ultimately improve their profitability.

2. Help start-up companies connect with dairies who might be interested in their technology and promote the best offering they have to The Cow Tech Report’s producer-readers.

3. Help tech investors understand the cattle marketplace so they can make intelligent decisions related to their own promising technology.

What follows are summaries about cow tech news from the last quarter of the year.


Cow toilet wins EuroTier innovation award

New vertical, automated farm grows fodder for cattle

New smart barn automates ventilation, lighting and cooling

Rumen bolus can now detect rumination too

Lely announces new robot, barn design and updated management software

Cainthus announces new product


Interest in measuring silage piles by drone increasing

Biennial precision dairy conference to be held in 2021

Four new cow tech start-ups break onto the scene

VAS now includes new milk fatty acid report

New cow wearable can herd cattle remotely

Researchers work to simplify disbudding, 3D print with milk components

OSU dairy installs a DeLaval robot

My Dairy Dashboard releases 2.0 version

Automated manure treatment system goes small-scale

Keep up-to-date weekly on all things cow tech at The Cow Tech Reportend mark

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