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Yes, you are a coach

Tom Wall Published on 07 April 2011

Chances are that if you take the time to read this, you’ve been entrusted with the responsibility of managing and leading a team. Whether these people refer to you as coach, boss, doctor, professor or parent, your team looks to you for guidance.

No, you don’t actually need to work on a football field to be a coach ... all you need is a team.



So how can you embrace your role as a coach and excel at developing those you lead? Here’s a list of some of the roles and responsibilities you have as a leader in your organization.

As a coach, it is your responsibility to ...

• Organize – create systems and put the necessary tools and equipment in your team’s hands

• Strategize – plan and create processes and protocols that help your team succeed

• Execute – implement your strategy and best practices consistently


• Monitor – make sure your plans and protocols are followed while also looking for what works and what doesn’t

• Adapt – change when necessary ... hopefully before it’s necessary

• Delegate – seek help from others on your team; leverage the skills, expertise, and time of your teammates

• Communicate – keep your team informed of individual and overall performance ... but mainly, take the complicated and make it simple

• Motivate – keep people engaged and energized so they continue to excel

• Teach – show and explain how things work so everyone is prepared to make good decisions and perform their work correctly


• Discipline – call attention to undesired behavior and performance in a timely manner in order to correct them

• Reward – recognize desired actions and performance in order to ensure they continue

Yes, you are a coach. And every day your team is counting on you to lead them. The question is, “Will you?” PD

Tom Wall