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1808 PD: In your own words... Are commodity prices changing your operation?

Published on 09 December 2008

Are commodity prices changing your operation?

“Since we produce both crops and run a dairy, commodity prices are really starting to cut into our profits. We held off contracting on the advice of our nutritionist, and now we really wish we would have jumped earlier in the year. We wish we could produce more ourselves, but inputs to production are also really high.”
Alan Flansburgh
Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin



“If we can keep the tonnage up, alfalfa still looks like the way to go, but it will really come down to what will be the biggest producer on the ground you have. Although you can’t double-crop alfalfa ground, if you can have multiple quality cuttings, you will more than compensate for the sky-high corn and soy prices. ”
Rick Funk
Colesburg, Iowa

“I am starting to give up some of the marginal ground. With the prices of production as they are, it is better to give up the land that won’t produce than put a lot of money into something that won’t make it. Some people look at it differently, but tightening margins make it more difficult to get money out of so-so acres.”
Frank Ponterio
Melrose, Wisconsin

“I feel that if you are to stay competitive, you need to have every tool available to you. GPS allows us to get the most out of every acre. You might not think you are missing on the edges, but those few acres make a difference. I don’t know what I would do without cell phones and the Internet today.”
Steve Olsen
Snowville, Utah