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Chaney's Dairy Barn wins 2013 Flavor Faceoff

Published on 04 December 2013

Flavor Faceoff content was #12 of the Top 25 most well-read articles on in 2013. Flavor Faceoff ran in June and July of 2013.

Editor’s note: For the third year running, our annual Flavor Faceoff contest was among the most well-read online content.



Read on for a summary about the 2013 Flavor Faceoff winner, Carl Chaney and Chaney’s Dairy Barn with Mint Julep, provided by Kara Keeton. Keeton also captured the photos for the Chaney’s collage photo prize.


Creating an award-winning ice cream is yet another scoop on the cone for Carl and Debra Chaney, the owners of Chaney’s Dairy Barn in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Chaney’s Mint Julep Ice Cream was selected by readers as the winner of the 2013 Progressive Dairyman National Flavor Faceoff.

“The mint julep is an institution in Kentucky, and so we thought it would be a great flavor to capture in our ice cream,” Carl said. “We worked on it until we captured that perfect mix to where the bourbon can be tasted but it isn’t overwhelming, and it has been fantastically received by our customers.”

Providing customers unique homemade ice cream and a real on-farm experience is what the Chaney’s dreamed of when they began looking at ways to diversify their dairy operation. The Chaneys opened the doors on Chaney’s Dairy Barn on Sept. 30, 2003, and since then their small ice cream parlor has grown into one of Kentucky’s most successful agritourism destinations. Chaney’s celebrated this success with their 10th anniversary in September with a true fall festival birthday bash including hay rides, pony rides, face painting, pumpkin painting, and of course, ice cream.


“I think what we have been successful in doing is creating a safe, educational and fun environment for the whole family,” Carl said in talking about the success of Chaney’s. “We are really proud to be a community sponsor to provide events like Ice Cream and a Moovie for free. It is a great family-friendly movie and the whole family can come out to the farm and just enjoy it at no cost.”

The weekly Ice Cream and a Moovie is so successful that it was selected as one of Southeast Tourism’s Top 20 Events for July 2013. Chaney’s has also been successful in making customers aware of where their milk comes from with their homegrown star Miss Glimmer the cow. In June, to celebrate Dairy Month, Chaney’s held a Miss Glimmer Appreciation Day where Miss Glimmer welcomed hundreds of visitors to the farm, all of whom received a free scoop of ice cream.

“Miss Glimmer is our superstar on the farm. People might not always recognize me and Debra, but they know Miss Glimmer. They know she is where their milk comes from, and that is great,” Carl said with a laugh. “After 10 years that is what this is all about really, helping people make that connection between the farm and where their food comes from.”

The Chaneys have always prided themselves on having locally grown and produced foods available at their store. Now customers can purchase Chaney’s Milk from the Jersey cows at Chaney’s Farm, in returnable glass bottles at the store.

“Bottling our milk is something we have wanted to do from the beginning, and we are excited to work with a farm-owned processing facility nearby to provide our customers fresh milk from our farm,” Carl said. “The support of our family, friends and our amazing customers have made this dream possible for our family. We are looking forward to celebrating our 20th birthday bash in this amazing community.” PD