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Dairy Intern: Danielle Brown

Published on 01 July 2010


Junior, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Progeny Promotions intern with ABS Global
Based in DeForest, Wisconsin



Q. In what area are you pursuing a degree?
I am majoring in dairy science and life sciences communication.

Q. What is your agricultural background?
I grew up on a 60-cow registered Holstein and Jersey farm in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. I grew up showing cattle and being involved in agricultural organizations including 4-H, FFA, Junior Holstein Association and Junior Jersey Breeders Association.

Now on campus I am involved in the Badger Dairy Club, Association of Women in Agriculture, National Agri-Marketing Association and the Dairy Judging Team. Q. What previous internship positions have you held?
This school year, I served as the UW-Madison Dairy Science Communication and Marketing Intern, where I was heavily involved in organizing our 5th annual Dairy Science Golf Classic fundraiser and also involved in recruiting efforts.

Internship information

Q. What will your responsibilities be this summer?
I will be responsible for tracking and preparing ABS Global progeny for picturing opportunities and working with daughter tours.

Q. What do you hope to have learned by the end of your internship?
I hope to learn a lot this summer about working in the AI industry. I especially want to learn more about working with a team of people to achieve a common goal and of course I want to learn as much as possible and perfect my skills in dairy cattle fitting and evaluation. I also want to learn more about the many types of dairy operations by visiting and working with cattle on farms.

Q. What intrigues you most about ABS?

I initially applied for this internship because of the great things I had heard about the company from past interns and employees. I also am extremely interested in possibly working in the AI industry in the future and this was the perfect opportunity. I also valued the opportunity to travel to farms and evaluate cows -- some of my favorite things to do!

Q. What can you do to make a meaningful impact during your internship?
I hope that through sound decisions, organizational skills, and most importantly my dairy cattle evaluation and fitting knowledge to make a positive impact at ABS and contribute to the progeny promotions team.

Q. What do you think will be the most challenging aspect of your intern duties?
I think one of the most challenging aspects of this internship will be adjusting to my first experience working for a company. I have worked on my family’s farm and on campus, but I feel that it will take a little while to adjust to this lifestyle for the summer.


Q. What's your best story from the first day or week of your internship?
Well, it’s not from my first week, but my second week was spent inspecting young sire daughters in Illinois. I traveled on many backroads in the state and even came upon some roads that looked more like field driveways and some non-existent bridges. It provided for some interesting travels!

Future plans
Q. What do you hope to do after graduation?
Although I am not exactly sure of a career I know I want to work in the dairy industry. I am interested in a vast array of jobs within the industry and hope that through this internship and others in the future I will be able to focus on a more specific area.

Q. Why do you want to remain a part of the dairy industry?
Dairy has been my life for so many years and I love it. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else; the people, the industry and the cows are all reasons why I want to stay involved in the industry. PD