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I belong to... ADSA: Jeffrey Bewley

PD Staff Published on 28 June 2013


Age: 37



Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Your agricultural background, in a nutshell: I grew up on a dairy farm in Rineyville, Kentucky. I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Kentucky, my master’s from UW – Madison and my Ph.D. from Purdue. I have been an extension dairy specialist at the University of Kentucky since 2008.

I have been a member of ADSA since ... I joined as an undergraduate student in 1995. The ADSA – Student Affiliate Division provides incredible opportunities for dairy students to learn and network. This is what got me started down my career path.

A little-known fact about this organization is ... The Student Affiliate Division and Graduate Student Organization have extensive programs aimed at these students. More students across the world should take advantage of these opportunities.

My favorite representative or employee of this organization is ... the entire headquarters staff. They’re extremely helpful and responsive.


What this organization does best is ... maintain established, valuable traditions while evolving to meet new needs and opportunities as they arise.

I feel valued as a member when ... my students express how much they enjoy participation in organization activities.

The dairy industry’s greatest challenge is … budget cuts, which threaten research, extension and teaching funding. All of these missions have helped shape today’s dairy industry. To meet industry challenges, we need to continue to invest in these areas.

The dairy industry’s greatest opportunity is … the young talent involved in the industry. Working as an educator, I am continually excited by the quality of individuals in their 20s involved in the industry as young dairy producers and dairy undergraduate and graduate students. PD

American Dairy Science Association
1800 S. Oak Street, Suite 100
Champaign, IL 61820-6974
(217) 356-5146

Year founded: 1906 (Then called the National Association of Dairy Instructors and Investigators)


Members: more than 3,000

To provide leadership in scientific and technical support to improve and grow the global dairy industry through generation, dissemination and exchange of information and services.