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I belong to... American Guernsey Association: Kevin Stoltzfus

PD Staff Published on 10 June 2013


Age: 42



Location: East Earl, Pennsylvania

My dairy’s history: My grandparents had a herd of registered Guernseys and a home delivery business for Golden Guernsey milk.

They started Warwick Manor Farm in 1947. When they dispersed their herd in 1993, I kept a few of my cows and took them to Snider Homestead in Bedford County.

In 1999, my wife, Dina, and I decided to pursue milking cows full-time. We rented for two years then purchased the farm at which we are currently located.

In 2004, we started a milk processing plant at our family grocery store, Yoders Country Market in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Today we currently milk 85 Guernseys and process our own milk and ice cream and market them as Yoders Golden Guernsey products.


If I wasn’t a dairyman, I would be ... I’m not really sure. Dairy is all I ever wanted to do. Before milking cows, I did work at our family’s store and also was a nutritionist for Purina for a few years.

I have been a member of the American Guernsey Association for ... 22 years.

A little-known fact about this organization is ... how helpful the membership is to each other. As I look at the list of members across the country, there is not one person that I wouldn’t feel comfortable picking up the phone and asking a question or just talking about the Guernsey cow.

What this organization does best is ... promote the benefits of Guernsey cattle and Golden Guernsey milk. Seth Johnson and Brian Schenbly and Jim Trotter do a tremendous job with promoting sales across the country. They find the good cattle for the sales and get the buyers to the sales.

An influential or interesting person I’ve met through the organization is ... The list is long – our organization has many outstanding people. Scott and Elise Wolff were the first Guernsey breeders that took me under their wing.

I learned a lot, traveling along with them to the shows. Brad and Berneta Gable and their family also had a great influence on me, from me seeing the outstanding Guernsey herd they have.


They allowed us to keep cattle at their farm before we milked cows on our own. What I learned in the time I spent working with both those families is immeasurable.

I hope my dairy legacy is ... that my children continue to strive to breed an outstanding herd of Guernseys. I also hope our legacy is that we have made an impact on promoting Golden Guernsey milk and showing people the benefits of Golden Guernsey milk.

The A2 milk that Guernsey [cattle] produce is leading to a very exciting future for the breed. PD

American Guernsey Association
1224 Alton Darby Creek Rd
Columbus, OH 43228
(614) 864-2409

Year founded: 1877

Members: 700 active members in 2013 across the U.S.

To provide and promote programs and services to enhance the value and profitability of the Guernsey breed for the members, owners and dairy industry worldwide.