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I belong to... Buckeye Dairy Club: Kelsey Holter

PD Staff Published on 11 October 2011


My dairy background: My dairy background started 65 years ago (approximately 44 years before I was born!), when my grandpa moved our herd to its current location. My two sisters and I are the 4th generation to dairy farm in our family.



Year in school and area of study: I am currently a senior, graduating at the end of this winter quarter, majoring in agricultural communications with a minor in animal science.

If I wasn’t studying agriculture/dairy, I would be ... traveling the world. I love to see new, beautiful places!

I have been a member of the dairy club for ... four great years!

I joined our club because ... I wanted to be a part of something not only with a focus in dairy, but also with a strong base that helps members learn about their passions in more ways than just in the classroom, and what better way to do that than to join a club that involves professionals on a regular basis, with many opportunities to engage in cow-to-human interactions?

A little-known fact about our club is … that we have nine major projects we work on year-round, we store our equipment in a freezer and we have been awarded the “Farthest Traveled” award for the past three years at our regional ADSA-SAD conference!

One of the hardest-working or most well-known members of the club is ... everyone! But if I had to narrow it down, it would be last year’s president, Stephanie Adams, along with our adviser, Dr. Maurice Eastridge. I want to thank them for all of the work they have done and continue to do for the club.


My favorite club event is ... Milk a Cow on the Oval because it is a great way for the whole club to get out on the Oval in the center of campus and promote the dairy industry by helping people milk a live cow, which isn’t something that happens every day in the middle of this city! It is such a rewarding experience!

An influential alumni member whom I’ve met through the club is ... Scott Higgins, president and CEO of American Dairy Association Mideast and CEO of Ohio Dairy Producers Association.

He or she is helpful/influential because ... he is a leader in Ohio’s dairy industry. Scott and his team are always willing to help the club, whether it be with donating items to hand out at our events, or donating their time to come and speak to young dairy enthusiasts. Scott and ADA are a big part of BDC’s success!

I hope my legacy as president will be ... one that reminds club members that they can achieve anything they set their minds to, while having loads of fun doing it. If a small-town gal from the river banks of Ohio can influence a group of future dairy professionals, then they can do anything they set their sights on too!

My advice to all dairy students is ... to never forget this time of your life, because this is when your future begins. Have fun, but don’t lose sight of what you’re really here for – to better yourself within an industry that gives back more than it takes! PD

Buckeye Dairy Club 2029 Fyffe Road Columbus, OH 43210 (614) 688-3059

Number of members: Around 50 (give or take a few depending on the quarter)


Club mission: Our mission is to promote and stimulate cooperation and friendship between members of the club, the faculty and the men and women in their respective fields of the dairy industry; to provide an opportunity for men and women of allied interests to convey their knowledge and experience to the club; to provide a means whereby the students in their respective fields may meet socially; and to create and stimulate a close unity and professional understanding between students who share an interest in the dairy industry.