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I belong to... Badger Dairy Club: Danielle Brown

PD Staff Published on 21 September 2011


Hometown: Dodgeville, Wisconsin



My dairy background: 50-cow, 200-acre registered Holstein and Jersey farm with my parents, Mark and Angela Brown, and brother, Sean.

Year in school and area of study: Senior in dairy science and life sciences communication.

If I wasn’t studying agriculture/dairy, I would be … still attending UW – Madison majoring in history and political science. I couldn’t possibly attend any other university than UW – Madison, and I’ve always had an interest in history and political science. I’ve taken a few courses in both these subjects during my time here and know that I would have also found a home in those majors.

I have been a member of the dairy club for … three, going on four years.

I joined our club because … Joining Badger Dairy Club was one of the easiest things I did. I’d known about it from World Dairy Expo, the Badger Invitational Sales and many of their other outreach activities and thought that it offered exactly what I was looking for in an organization.


A little-known fact about our club is … a large part of our membership is made of students in the UW – Madison Farm and Industry Short Course program. These members provide a unique perspective, and we are also glad to welcome some of our hardest-working members from November to March.

One of the hardest-working or most well-known members of the club is … all of us. Many members serve in multiple capacities, and we need all of our members to make our events run smoothly.

My favorite club event is … There’s too many to count! My top three are the Badger Invitational sales, World Dairy Expo and the Royal Winter Fair. The sales are a great way to learn real-world cattle marketing skills and work with great cattle and great people. World Dairy Expo is where we have our largest fundraiser (the world-famous grilled cheese stand) and where members have the opportunity to work thousands of hours behind the scenes.

Finally, the Royal Winter Fair is a great way for the club to relax while getting to watch an amazing show, network with breeders north of the border and experience all Toronto has to offer.

Influential alumni whom I’ve met through the club are … the staff at World Dairy Expo.

They are helpful/influential because … Although not all staff members are alumni, it is great to work with hard-working, influential individuals who not only expect a lot of us during World Dairy Expo, but are truly interested in helping us grow as leaders. Three staff members (Laura Herschleb, Susan Orth and Liz Matzke) have also served as our off-campus advisers and provide support all year long.


My advice to all dairy students is … Get involved! Whether it be in the dairy club, other agricultural organizations or research, the opportunities are endless. Although what you learn in the classroom is important, I’ve found what I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve had outside the classroom will serve me best down the road.

Choose a school based not only on its academic excellence, but the other opportunities you will have access to. Often those two things go hand in hand.

My future involvement in the dairy industry will include … After graduation I will pursue a career in the dairy industry, either for an A.I. company or in communications. I’d also like to continue to own, breed and exhibit high-quality dairy cattle. PD

Badger Dairy Club
266 Animal Sciences Building
1675 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 263-3308

Members: 141

Number of students in leadership roles or on executive committee: 10 members serve as officers and we also have numerous event committee chairs.

Club mission: The purpose of Badger Dairy Club is to provide opportunities for fellowship, friendship, service and to grow socially, to provide an opportunity to enhance the educational experience, to promote dairy cattle, products and the dairy industry, to learn of occupation opportunities, and to make available the opportunity to make professional connections.