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I belong to... Dairy Producers of Utah: Shane Munk

PD Staff Published on 10 April 2013


Age: 55



Location: Amalga, Utah

My dairy’s history: My son is a fourth-generation dairy farmer. We expanded the dairy in 2010-2011 and put in a 40-cow carousel. This doubled our capacity and made it possible for the next generation to come in.

If I wasn’t a dairyman, I would be ... sad.

The best part about working in the dairy industry is ... I love farming and working outside.

I have been a member of Dairy Producers of Utah for ... about 15 years.


I joined the organization because ... I wanted to help dairymen. They seem to always be last on the list in many ways. Which is hard to believe – farmers provide food. I feel this is one thing that makes our country great.

We do have an abundance of food. When that food source is limited we all will suffer. I want to help protect our valuable lands that provide food. I want people to understand how important this is.

One thing to know about Dairy Producers of Utah is ... there are so many good, hard-working people who really do care about others.

What this organization does best is ... gather information and try to keep farmers informed. They fight hard for their rights and to preserve the farms.

An influential or interesting person I’ve met through Dairy Producers of Utah is ... [Utah Commissioner of Agriculture and Food] Leonard Blackham and Mike Kohler [manager of Dairy Producers of Utah].

They are influential or interesting because ... both men have a great understanding of agriculture and they fight hard to preserve farms and agriculture.


If I were running Dairy Producers of Utah, I would ... keep fighting for the farmer. We can’t lose our rights to farm and produce food. Too many people do not understand where their food comes from. We need to keep educating people.

My advice to all dairymen/dairywomen is ... hold on tight. We’re on quite a wild ride. PD

Dairy Producers of Utah
P.O. 1082
Midway, Utah 84049
(801) 420-6158

Year founded: early 1990s

Number of members: There are about 250 dairies in the state and approximately 90 percent are members.

To serve our dairy producers in matters of government relations, regulation disputes, regulation compliance and legislative lobbying.