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I belong to... Hoof Trimmers Association: Mike Wallen

PD Staff Published on 10 October 2013


Age: 49



Location: Tulare, California.

History of your hoof trimming business, in a nutshell: I worked on my in-laws’ dairy for three years before becoming a hoof trimmer, which I’ve been for 24 years.

I worked for Bill Dixon for six years learning how to trim hooves before purchasing myown equipment and going into business for myself. I have been in business for 18 years.

If I wasn’t a hoof trimmer, I would be … a police officer.

Why did you join HTA? I joined the Hoof Trimmers Association because I thought it was a great opportunity to meet fellow hoof trimmers from all over the U.S. and other countries, and to receive further education onbasic anatomy as well as learn about research being done on hoof health issues I see on a daily basis.


A little known fact about the HTA is … you really get a great value out of the information you receive from the conferences. You also get to travel all around the U.S. and experience great cities where the conferences are held.

My favorite representative or employee of the HTA is … any of the other members who make it their goal to make you feel welcome at the conferences. They are people just like me, who do the same job, and can share theirexperiences with others and make them feel welcome.

The dairy industry’s greatest opportunity is … to educate hoof trimmers, who can in turn educate dairymen and the general public on the important service we provide. You have to remember the old saying, “You don’t knowwhat you don’t know.”

I hope my hoof care legacy is … I hope my legacy is that I did a good job as a hoof trimmer and as an ambassador of the dairy industry.

My advice to all dairymen/dairywomen is … join an association like the HTA and educate yourself. PD

Hoof Trimmers Association
PO Box 8575
Missoula, Montana 59807
(406) 543-1823


Year founded: 1990

Members: In 38 states, 9 provinces and 15 countries

Providing hoof trimmers educational opportunities to improve hoof health by networking industry professionals.

HTA is a professional association founded to network hoof trimmers around the country, North America, and other countries as well as to advance the profession and foster the professional development of individual hoof trimmers.