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I belong to... HTA: Jeff Heeg

PD Staff Published on 06 June 2011


Age: 35



Location: Clintonville, Wisconsin

My experience as a trimmer: Nine years as a professional hoof trimmer

I got started in trimming because … I wanted to be self-employed

If I wasn’t a trimmer, I would be ... doing something that allows me to use my talent in fixing things. I used to be a HVAC-R service technician and can fix almost anything mechanical. I get great satisfaction from fixing things, including cows, and making them work again.

I have been a member of the Hoof Trimmers Association for ... Nine years


I joined the Hoof Trimmers Association because ... I felt it was the best way to keep up with new products and research in the hoof trimming profession. I also thought it would be a good way to learn some do’s and don’ts from other hoof trimmers.

My favorite association representative/friend is ... Gail Oss because she is a great go-to person for the association and does an excellent job of keeping the board members and other committees in the association on task.

What the Hoof Trimmers Association does best is ... network hoof trimmers so you, as a hoof trimmer, have a place to go to with your questions. It also does a great job at keeping you informed about new products and information.

I feel valued as a member when ... I am able to share some of my knowledge and experience with other trimmers and also learn something from them and their experiences in return.

An influential person whom I’ve met through the Hoof Trimmers Association is ... There are so many, I can’t narrow it down to just one. They have all been helpful because it’s nice to know that many of them have gone through the same conflicts and struggles that I have, some even more so. Yet we can all learn from each other to get back on track.

My worst struggle in trimming is/was ... 2007, when I had more work than I could handle and found myself giving out other hoof trimmers’ names and numbers to farmers.


If I were running the Hoof Trimmers Association, I would ... Trick question. I am on the board of directors for the Hoof Trimmers Association and I would say that we, as board members, don’t run the association, but we serve the association by listening to the members and trying to deliver what they need.

My advice to all dairymen is ... Cow comfort. Cow comfort. Cow comfort.

My advice to other trimmers in 2011 is … join the association, keep an open mind and be patient. PD

Hoof Trimmers Association Inc.

PO Box 8575
Missoula, MT 59807
1 (866) 615-HOOF (4663)

Year organized........................1996
Largest membership state......Wisconsin
Membership base...................6 countries, including 35 states and 10 Canadian provinces

Networking hoof trimmers, veterinarians, nutritionists, dairy producers, consultants and researchers around the globe to promote quality hoof trimming, provide educational opportunities on hoof care and improve hoof health.

Hoof Health Conference
HTA’s Hoof Heath Conference, held once every 18 months, features scientific research, peer discussions, networking opportunities, demonstrations, and vendor exhibits.