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I belong to... Landmark Services Cooperative: Dan Truttmann

Published on 11 June 2014

dan truttmann

Age: 45



Location: New Glarus, Wisconsin

Your agricultural background, in a nutshell: My family has farmed here since 1899, and I’m the fifth generation to operate the dairy. Since joining the farm in 1990, we have grown from 60 Holstein cows to 400 Jersey and crossbred cows and from 300 acres to 650 acres.

How long have you been a member of Landmark Services Cooperative? We have been members for more than 20 years.

Why did you join? We joined because of the quality products and services it offers and the great team of professionals it has to deliver them in a timely fashion.

How has being a member helped your own business? Being a member has helped my business by providing the products and services I need to grow my business. The co-op responds to my needs and will get or make what I want even if it doesn’t have it.


A little known fact about the co-op is ... it has four divisions and offers expertise in agronomy, animal nutrition, grain, energy and retail services.

My favorite representative of the co-op is … John Binversie, a nutritionist. He is a key part of my team, always going above and beyond the call of duty, assisting and advising in many aspects not directly related to a ration but that are critically important to the long-term success of my business. He’s also a pretty good nutritionist.

What the co-op does best is … it knows my needs, sometimes before I do. The feed mill keeps my bins filled in a regular and timely fashion so I don’t risk running out. It is a co-op that never forgets its mission is to serve its members. Landmark grows and re-invests to improve operating efficiencies to the benefit of members and consistently returns profits to us as patronage dividends.

I feel valued as a member when … I screw something up, like an order, or their day because of it, and they don’t hate me for it.

An influential or interesting person I have met through this organization is … Of all the people I’ve met, Cassandra Strommen stands out because she continues to involve me in new opportunities I wouldn’t normally have sought out on my own.

The dairy industry’s greatest opportunity is … the consumer’s realization (finally) that dairy is a healthy and essential part of their diet, as shown by the incredible growth in Greek yogurt and whey protein consumption, and even butter. (Take that, margarine!) Also, dairy exports are becoming a huge market for U.S. dairy, and that will allow our industry to continue to grow without drowning ourselves in excess production.


What do you believe is the future of the industry? I see Landmark Services Cooperative leading the industry with continued innovation and excellence in products and delivery of service.

I hope my dairy legacy is … being remembered as someone who left the land and animals better off than when he started, as well as having been a good neighbor and a good partner to do business with. PD

Landmark Services Cooperative
1401 Landmark Drive
Cottage Grove, WI 53527
(800) 236-3276
EmailYear founded: 1933

Members: For more than 80 years, Landmark has been providing agronomy, energy, animal nutrition, grain, retail and transportation products and services to its more than 15,000 members in South Central Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

“We are a cooperative business dedicated to providing rural and urban customers with the highest quality products and services. We will enhance our producers’ profitability, exceed customer expectations and keep our cooperative financially strong.”