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I belong to... NDB: Ryan Anglin

PD Staff Published on 03 February 2011


Age: 57



Location: Bentonville, Arkansas

My dairy’s history: (# of generations, family members, etc.) I’m a third-generation dairy producer. In April 1972, I assumed major dairy operations after my dad took on a full-time job and told me I could either “milk or sell.” Today, my wife, Susan; our two sons, Cody and Casey; and I milk 300 cows and also have an Angus beef operation.

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If I wasn’t a dairyman, I would be ... doing something with cattle. I love working with cattle – I’m not too crazy about horses, I don’t like chickens. I love cattle and I love farming. My first toy was a tractor – I never had toy soldiers growing up.

I’ve been involved in dairy promotion for ... 28 years, starting with a seat on a local dairy promotion board. This is my sixth year serving on the National Dairy Board.

I joined NDB because ... I believe in dairy producers coming together to promote their products. Serving on NDB, I don’t just represent the Southeast. I’m proud to support all dairy producers and build on our common interests versus those things that can divide us.


What NDB does best is ... build partnerships and relationships. When I look at the checkoff’s recent accomplishments in growing sales by working with Domino’s and McDonald’s, and working with the USDA and NFL through our Fuel Up to Play 60 program to help kids in our nation’s schools, it makes me so proud to be in the same room with the group of fellow producers and professionals who made this happen.

I feel valued as a member when ... producers from all across the country come together to solve problems that will help everyone regardless of where we farm, how many cows we milk or the management practices we use.

An influential person who I’ve met through NDB is ... There are so many. But a few who stand out in my eyes are early producer leaders of dairy promotion – Ivan Strickler (founding chair of NDB), Lester Evans and Julian Toney, chief operating officer for Dairy Management Inc., which manages the national dairy checkoff program.

They were helpful/influential because ... Ivan and Lester were real mentors to me. I will always remember the character of these men and how they dealt with adversity.

Julian has been very important to me because, in knowing him for more than 20 years, he can explain dairy promotion to me in a language that makes it real to me. I can then, in turn, talk with other producers about why dairy producer promotion programs are important to our industry.

My worst struggle in dairying is/was ... the 2009 economic situation. It reminded me a lot of when I first started in the early ’80s when we didn’t have a lot of money and also dealt with a drought. But, in both cases, I felt fortunate to have good family and friends, and a good support system.


I hope my dairy legacy is ... to have had some impact in improving dairy promotion and the dairy industry by bringing people together.

If I were running NDB, I would ... continue to find partners and ways to expand dairy producer dollars so we can make an even bigger impact in the marketplace.

My advice to all dairymen is ... I’ve learned that divisiveness doesn’t help anyone but your enemies – and that you can’t change anything by sitting outside the room. You have to be part of things and be involved. If you want to change things, you have to be at the table. PD

National Dairy Board

Contact info :
10255 W Higgins Rd, Suite 900
Rosemont IL 60018-5616

Year organized : 1984

36 appointed members representing different regions of the country that are appointed by the USDA Secretary, under the authority of the Dairy Production Stabilization Act of 1983 and Dairy Promotion Research Order.

To carry out coordinated promotion and research programs to build demand and expand domestic and international markets for U.S.-produced dairy products and ingredients. NDB oversees the national dairy producer checkoff.