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I belong to... Oregon State University Dairy Club: Hayden Bush

PD Staff Published on 11 October 2011


Hometown: Tillamook, Oregon



My dairy background: My grandpa started our dairy about 50 years ago in Forest Grove, Oregon. In the mid-70s we relocated to Tillamook. My dad now owns the dairy, which has about 200 head of registered Jerseys (with two Brown Swiss and a Holstein thrown in there).

Other than employing one milker, the farm is operated by my father, one of my three brothers and myself. I go back to the farm, which is about 100 miles from OSU, every weekend to work. We take pride in having a family-run operation.

Year in school and area of study: I am currently a sophomore in agricultural sciences, with a minor in animal sciences.

If I wasn’t studying dairy, I would be ... Honestly, nothing else has ever crossed my mind. Dairy farming and agriculture are a way of life for me, so I was basically set on my career path from the moment I saw the farm.

I have been a member of the dairy club for .... This is my second year as a member of the dairy club here at OSU.


A little-known fact about our club is … The club was established in the early 60s and was one of the strongest clubs on campus at that time.

My favorite club event is ... I absolutely love the Beaver Classic Sale that we put on every two years. It’s the club’s main fundraiser, and members are responsible for sale management and making all other arrangements for the event.

An influential alumni whom I’ve met through the club is ... This is an easy question to answer for me. Dr. Mike Gamroth, one of our advisers and a professor emeritus here at OSU, is one of the hardest-working men I know.

He or she is helpful/influential because ... He is retired and yet he still works well over the amount of hours required for a full-time job. He almost always has a pleasant attitude and is one of those guys you can go to if you need anything. Mike is a genuine guy who has inspired me throughout the last few years.

I hope my legacy as president will be .... I hope to be remembered as a president that was always there for his peers. I strive to help as many people out in anyway possible. The success of the club is important to me, but the success of the students involved in the club is far more important.

I could care less about having the “president” title, to be honest; it is just a label, but I know it is my duty to lead the club, so I hope that I lead them in the right direction (both as a club and as individuals).


My future involvement in the dairy industry will include … I am currently studying to be an ag teacher. My plan is to teach for a few years at a high school. During that time I will remain an advocate for the dairy industry. Eventually, after I work for a few years, I hope to come back to the family farm and take over. My dream is to have the farm. PD

Oregon State University Dairy Club 112 Withycombe Hall Corvallis, OR 97331 (541) 737-1000 Oregon-State-Dairy-Club

Number of members: Currently the Oregon State University Dairy Club has about 35 diverse, active members.

Club mission: The purpose of the Oregon State University Dairy Club is to provide a welcoming, educational atmosphere for OSU and Linn-Benton Community College students who have a dairy interest.

The OSU Dairy Club strives to provide educational activities for dairy youth and the general public, and works to serve the Oregon and national dairy industries. The club caters to students with a wide variety of dairy- related interests and prepares and develops leaders to enter the working world.