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I belong to... Purdue University Dairy Club: Danielle Haynes

PD Staff Published on 11 October 2011


Hometown: Garrett, Indiana



My dairy background: Growing up as the middle child with two brothers, I worked on my family’s fifth-generation, 200-cow dairy, 5,000 annual market hog operation, and I helped to maintain nearly 2,000 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat and hay.

Year in school and area of study: I am currently a senior at Purdue University majoring in agricultural economics with a minor in farm management and animal sciences.

If I wasn’t studying agriculture/dairy, I would be ... most likely majoring in horticulture to start my own greenhouse business.

I have been a member of the dairy club for ... starting on my fourth year.

I joined our club because ... living on campus of a Big 10 School, it was the only way that I could find something that reminded me of home and that I enjoyed.


A little-known fact about our club is … we provide hands on activities such as “IMAC,” which stands for “I Milked A Cow.” We put on two events annually at the Indiana State Fair and the Purdue University Spring Fest that teaches all willing individuals how to milk a cow and where milk actually comes from.

One of the hardest-working or most well-known members of the club is ... absolutely EVERYONE! There is no way that I could ever select a single individual from our entire club. In order for all of our events to even be possible it takes our entire officer team and members to get all the hard work done.

My favorite club event is ... The Boilermaker Heifer Sale because I get to help in the ring to show the heifers. It reminds me of showing my 4-H animals, and it is our biggest event of the entire year. It takes nearly a year to plan, and it is a joy to see our entire club working so hard and diligently to complete such a huge undertaking!

An influential alumni whom I’ve met through the club is ... Steve Hendress. Although he is one of our club advisers, he has helped teach me so many things throughout the years. No one more here at Purdue can get you connected with more individuals in the dairy industry than Steve.

If he doesn’t know the answer to any question, just give him less than an hour and he will have the answer along with numerous other options.

I hope my legacy as president will be ... known as the president that provided the opportunity to open doors in many different areas of the dairy industry, from editorial publications, extension work, dairy marketing and numerous others.


I hope I can give the members more opportunities to network and experience all opportunities that will help them decide exactly what they want to be after graduation.

My advice to all dairy students is ... never stop finding ways to positively impact urban Americans about the dairy industry.

My future involvement in the dairy industry will include … I hope to be an agricultural and commercial loan officer focusing in guidance for dairy farmers. I will also be returning to the family farm to take over as the next generation’s treasurer. PD

Purdue University Dairy Club 915 W. State St., Lilly Hall 3rd Floor West Lafayette, IN 47907 (260) 385-2136 Purdue Dairy Club

Number of members: approximately 65

Number of students in leadership roles or on executive committee: 7 executive officers and 8 officers

Club mission: The Purdue University Dairy Club is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting the dairy industry through community service, club activities and educational events.

The Dairy Club is comprised of students at Purdue studying a variety of disciplines. Although not required, usually all of them have a general interest in dairy production, management and dairy processing.