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I belong to... Ruan: Mike Pawlak

PD Staff Published on 18 January 2013


Age: 31



Location: Fair Oaks, Indiana

I started driving milk tankers for Ruan because ... I have always wanted to pull a tanker trailer.

I have been with Ruan for ... one year and three months, since the start-up of the (Fair Oaks) terminal.

Before I came to Ruan, I worked as ... an over-the-road driver.

The best thing about being a milk tanker driver is ... the responsibility of ensuring quality product and safe, timely delivery to Kroger .


My favorite Ruan representative or employee is ... It’s hard to pick my favorite Ruan representative or employee. I feel there is a family atmosphere at our terminal and I get along well with everyone.

What Ruan does best is ... safety, as well as customer and driver relationships.

I feel valued as a member of the dairy industry when ... the dairy workers know you by name and they appreciate your efforts.

One of my favorite dairies/dairymen is ... Jesus at Fair Oaks Farms Central Barn. I talk to him regularly.

The dairy industry’s greatest opportunity is ... renewable energy, which is being piloted at Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana.

My advice to all dairymen is ... to continue to provide Grade A product to their customers and help push for renewable fuels. PD


Ruan Transportation
754 S Blackstone Street
Tulare, CA 93274
(800) 655-1641

Years in the dairy industry: More than 50

Statistics: Ruan’s dairy fleet employs nearly 800 drivers, includes more than 500 tractors and moves 56.8 million pounds of milk daily.

Employ the best team in the industry to move our customers’ business safely, efficiently and on time, every time.