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In your own words... What is the most difficult problem you deal with on your dairy?

PD Staff Published on 03 February 2011


Q. What is the most difficult problem you deal with on your dairy? How do you handle it?



Mark Diederichs
Lake Breeze Dairy, LLC
Malone, Wisconsin
To keep our employees motivated and finding something new and exciting in what we deal with every day. To do that, we try to give them the newest technologies and newest tools out there.


Holly Burley & John Moore
Graceland Dairies LLC
Dansville, New York
People management. We hire people more our age so they are not intimidated by our age.
We want them to be smarter than us in our weaker categories or have the ability to be educated to our system. Most of them are just done with college or in college now.


Rhoda Knight
Metcalf Farms
Stone Lake, Wisconsin
It is definitely communication between and within employees and owners. A lot of things go unsaid and the rest is politics.


We are not dealing well with it, that’s why I’m attending conferences to help me find my voice.


Walt Moore
Wal-Moore Holsteins, Inc.
West Grove, Pennsylvania
The number one right now, and it has been the last few years, is price volatility on the input and output side.

I handle it by getting as much information as I can from the marketplace and trying to make an informed decision on when I should try to lock in a price both for my milk and/or inputs to keep a margin going all the time for my business.

Photos by Karen Lee.

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