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In your own words: What superpower would you choose?

Compiled by PD staff Published on 25 May 2021

We asked our dairy farmer bloggers, editorial advisers and our own editorial staff to answer the following question: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Here were the responses:



Lynda Foster“If I could have any superpower in the world, it would be the ability to look at a sick dairy animal and diagnose what is wrong and then cure it. Imagine being able to have a herd of almost-always healthy animals. By being able to know causes of animals not feeling well, more time could be spent on prevention. This would help all dairy farmers be more profitable. My name would be SuperDoc.
SuperDoc to the rescue. No disease is too big, no cure is too small.”

—Kansas dairy producer Lynda Foster and Progressive Dairy editorial adviser

Audrey Schmitz

“I wish my superpower would be the ability to teleport wherever I wanted to go instantaneously. This way I could go anywhere in the world without having any jet lag or waste long hours traveling. I probably would use it most to travel back to my parents’ farm in Kansas. And another huge bonus to it is traveling to tropical places whenever the weather turns.”

—Progressive Dairy Editor Audrey Schmitz

Walt CooleyI wish my superpower was to aid others in seeing their own value. I’d like for more people to take off their blinders and see that they individually do have


a superpower – either already developed, lying just under the surface or that could cultivated from deep within.

I believe everyone can make a difference if they bloom where they are planted and embrace who they were created to be.

“After writing this response, I’m now thinking that maybe I have more of the superpower I desire to have than I thought I did. Most likely, the superpower you long for is connected to a need you see that should be filled. But perhaps you’re looking at how to fill it too narrowly. What skills do you have that could meet the need of your imagined superpower? You probably have more you can do to make a difference than you think you do.”

—Progressive Dairy Managing Editor Walt Cooley

Rebecca Shaw
“I’d chose a kid superpower – laser beam eyes that turn milk into your favorite dairy snack (like cheese or ice cream).”

Public relations account executive and Progressive Dairy blogger Rebecca Shaw



“If I could choose a superpower, it’d be the power to clone myself. Think about it. If I could even create five clones, I could virtually run the farm completely on my own.

“One of me could be milking cows while another scrapes stalls. One of us could be feeding the heifers and dry cows while the fourth clone feeds calves. The final clone would be a floater, helping where needed and fixing problems that inevitably arise. All while I’m napping and eating tacos.”

Pennsylvania dairy producer and Progressive Dairy blogger Jessica Peters

Ashley Messing-Kennedy

“My superpower was extremely hard to pick. But I finally decided I wanted to have Wonder Woman’s strength – and if I could have accessories, I would want her arm cuffs. Strength is always handy around the farm and in the house. Being able to open sippy cups without a struggle would be a real win most days.”

Michigan dairy producer and Progressive Dairy blogger Ashley Messing-Kennedy

Karen Lee 
“As a child in the ’80s, I loved watching the sitcom Out of This World. The half-alien teenage girl had the ability to pause time by putting her index fingers together. While the world was frozen, she could still move around or ‘unfreeze’ other people by touching them, and they could fix a problem or change the scenario. Time would resume as normal when she clapped her hands.

“I always thought that would be a great skill to have (and still wish for it some days). To have the power to stop the world so I could catch up to it would be nice.

I’d be able to get a lot more done in a day, and I’d probably meet a few more deadlines.”

—Progressive Dairy Editor Karen Lee

Fredric Ridenour
“I would love to be able to travel through and control time.

There are several events in the past I would like to witness, but I would mainly check out the future – just so I could see if the Oakland Athletics ever win another World Series. Then I wouldn’t get my hopes up year after year. And if I could actually control time, I’d never miss another deadline.”

—Progressive Dairy Production Editor Fredric Ridenour

“If I could have a superpower, it would be invisibility so I could pull more pranks or time travel to talk myself into/out of something. I’d also like to be able to clone myself so I can get more things done.”

Wisconsin dairy producer and Progressive Dairy blogger Brittany Olson

Ashley Bliss“If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to teleport. If I could teleport, I’d be able to visit family and friends anywhere in the world and not have to worry about driving or flying far to reach them. I would love to travel the world, and teleporting would help me get to as many places as possible – and I wouldn’t even need to worry about extra time off from work. Not to mention, the ability to appear in a tropical place whenever I wanted.”

Financial analyst and Progressive Dairy blogger Ashley Bliss

“A popular icebreaker question is: ‘If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?’ and whenever I’m asked this – no matter how many times I have been asked this – I hesitate to commit to one. “I can certainly see the benefits of having the ability to fly.

You could travel quickly, easily and economically that way. A convenient and exhilarating option indeed, though I would quickly tire myself out as I would try to be everywhere all the time.

“Being able to read people’s minds could provide an endless amount of information, insight and transparency – but also could likely become overwhelming and draining.

“Both of these are arguably awesome choices, but when I think about what I value most – quality time spent with loved ones, humans and cattle alike, doing activities and making memories together – I’m often feeling like I don’t have enough time. Or that too much of my life is spent doing mundane, time-consuming tasks, such as washing the dishes or dusting surfaces. Things that frankly ‘need to be done’ but don’t bring me joy or elevate my quality of life. How fantastic would it be if that tedious chore or even that feat you were absolutely dreading doing was done for you, just like that? With the snap of a finger. Giving you more time and energy to invest elsewhere, on people, things and events that provide more joy and satisfaction. What a blessing. Perhaps I could call this superpower ‘timesaver.’”

Pennsylvania dairy producer and Progressive Dairy blogger Laura Holtzinger

Peggy Coffeen
“If I could have any superpower, it would be to clone myself. This would allow me to be two places at once. My family, on the other hand, would probably prefer that there’s only one of me in the world.”

—Progressive Dairy Editor Peggy Coffeen