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Jennifer Silverberg with Jennifer Silverberg Photography

Published on 18 January 2018
Jennifer at work

Jennifer Silverberg Photography
Featured photographer
Saint Louis, Missouri

How did you get started in photography?



When I was about 8 or 9, I was given my first camera to take to sleep-away camp. It was there I had my first experience developing and printing my own film. The darkroom became a favorite for me.

Silverberg phot on dairy

Years later, after graduating from college with a degree in political science, I returned to my photography. I have never stopped loving it, but when I got hired as the staff photographer of a weekly paper in St. Louis soon after graduation, it cemented this career path for me.

What is your favorite type of photo to shoot?

Silverberg photoIdeally ... my favorite shoots are when I am able to make photographs that take the viewer on a journey from farm to table. It is not only the final “beauty shot” of a plate of food that excites me, but the entire process – from making images in the fields or pastures to the harvesting or processing, to chefs working with the product, to the beautiful food itself. Photographing farm lifestyle and food is most definitely my happy place.


Describe your most memorable photo shoot.

Silverberg photo

This is a tough one. I love what I do, and each shoot, while bringing different challenges, also brings its own rewards. I am happiest when I am out on a farm shooting all day and then, when back in my studio, photographing the results of the hours of labor that went into making the beautiful food on the plate in front of me.

Silverberg photo

Probably the shoot that most embodied all of that was a shoot I did a couple of years ago for Oberweis, a dairy brand based in northern Illinois (see photos).

I spent time on the farm at one of their family-owned dairies in southern Wisconsin, then went to their plant in Illinois where they make the ice cream and bottle the milk, and then I did a lifestyle shoot in St. Louis with a family enjoying the milk and ice cream, as well as the beauty shots of their products. It hit every point of what I love to do and was such a complete way to tell the story of a brand.


Why do you enjoy farm-related photography?

Silverberg Photo

We all need to eat. Yet so many remain unaware of what goes into making their food. I love that I get to bring that story to people. Ultimately, I am a storyteller, and photography is the way I communicate those stories. Now, instead of at a newspaper, I do that for brands.

What are one or two tips you would give to an amateur photographer who wants to take a great picture of people or animals?

I’ll give you three … Patience, think about what’s on the edges of your frame as well as what’s in the center, and turn off your flash.  end mark

PHOTO 1: Jennifer Silverberg at work. Photo by Theo Welling.

PHOTOS 2 - 6: Jennifer Silverberg's work. Images by Jennifer Silverberg.

Website: Jennifer Silverberg

Instagram: jennsilverberg

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