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gathered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last week to complete Phase I of the three-part program. This class is the seventh since the program began in 1993.

Participants include 53 young adults in the dairy industry, from 23 states as well as Canada, Mexico and Italy. After they complete phases II and III of the program, participants will join the ranks of more than 400 alumni.

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Jerry Slominski (at right) is the senior vice president for legislative affairs and economy policy of the International Dairy Foods Association. Read his responses to
Progressive Dairyman's questions about IDFA's research studies on supply management.

Q. How would you introduce yourself and your work?
My job is to run our legislative policy and lobbying operation. I have seven people who work for me, a couple lobbyists who go to Capitol Hill and two economic specialists. Our primary priority is dairy policy.

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Twenty-three years ago, one late afternoon in Abbeville, Alabama, seven-year-old Chance Armstrong ran out of options.

After a week of suffering, his newborn calf’s health had worsened. Anxious, worried and not knowing what to do, he picked up the phone and made an emergency call.

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Q. What is the most difficult problem you deal with on your dairy? How do you handle it?

Mark Diederichs
Lake Breeze Dairy, LLC
Malone, Wisconsin
To keep our employees motivated and finding something new and exciting in what we deal with every day. To do that, we try to give them the newest technologies and newest tools out there.

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Age: 57

Location: Bentonville, Arkansas

My dairy’s history: (# of generations, family members, etc.) I’m a third-generation dairy producer. In April 1972, I assumed major dairy operations after my dad took on a full-time job and told me I could either “milk or sell.” Today, my wife, Susan; our two sons, Cody and Casey; and I milk 300 cows and also have an Angus beef operation.

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Progressive Dairyman Editor Walt Cooley discusses with New York Farm Bureau Director of Public Policy Julie Suarez the future of the dairy industry in the Empire State and national issues that are impacting its producers.

This article will appear in Issue 3 of Progressive Dairyman, due in mailboxes February 8.

Q. Early this year, news outlets reported legislation would be introduced in your state that would make non-therapeutic antimicrobial use a misdemeanor offense.Is New York the first state to see such a bill?

SUAREZ: It would not surprise me to hear that other states are also considering similar legislation, particularly in the West Coast, but I am unaware of any other state only bills at this point. New York’s tremendous representation in the Legislature of people from New York City is a particular challenge to us.

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