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Sire analyst and dairy farmer find love online

Progressive Dairyman Editor Peggy Coffeen Published on 10 February 2014

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On Valentine’s Day, we brought you the fairytale story of dairy farmer Nate Kliebenstein and his wife Morgan, a sire analyst, who found love through an online dating website. With cows as their common bond, dairy was in the air on the day of their farm field wedding, and since then, the couple has been farming happily ever after.

We asked the happy couple,
Q. What is new in your lives since being featured earlier this year?

Life has kept a busy, unrelenting pace for the Kliebensteins this year. Like many others, we have enjoyed the exceptional harvest and favorable milk prices throughout the year and have taken the opportunity to make some updates with our facilities by retrofitting some older sheds and building an additional freestall barn and adding on to our current one. 2014 has also been very much a year of learning as we worked together to deal with some of the challenges presented with raising our young daughter Evelyn, who is now a one-year-old, on a busy farm, while I continue working full-time and being gone overnight frequently. We also believe it’s important to still carve out time to do special things with each other, despite the hectic schedule. We are excited to take our first international trip in February to go to New Zealand with MMPA.
—Morgan Kliebenstein, Genex sire analyst



In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Progressive Dairyman brings you a dairy love story of how one couple found the right match through a farmer-based dating site.

When it comes to bulls, Genex sire analyst Morgan Kliebenstein knows how to pick them. However, finding the right match for herself was not as simple as paging through a directory. She found Nate, the dairyman of her dreams, on

View a slideshow of the couple's dairy-themed wedding photos.

These days, one out of every five couples credits an online source for their introduction.

This new-age method of meeting people fits busy lifestyles and narrows down the field of compatible interests and personalities. takes it one step further, as a hub for country folks with common values. As stated on their site, it’s for “good old-fashioned, down-to-earth people who live in small towns and rural areas.”


Online dating offered both Morgan and Nate a solution to their dating challenges.

Morgan’s constant travel made it difficult for her to meet people, while Nate’s obligations to his start-up dairy kept him tightly tied to the farm.

After graduating from Iowa State University in 2008, Morgan found herself jet-setting halfway across the country. She lived in Ithaca, New York, for a year, covering the East Coast as a Genex progeny support specialist. Eventually, she moved closer to the company’s headquarters in Shawano, Wisconsin, but continued her life on the road.

Meanwhile, in southwest Wisconsin, Nate was on the path to law school, finishing out his political science degree at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville. That course changed, however, when his father made the decision to retire from milking cows. Nate came around to his true calling, realizing that dairying was his destiny. He purchased the remaining young stock and started calving them in during his senior year of college.

By the summer of 2008, a freestall barn was built to house the herd, which has grown today to 170 milking cows.

“Nate was in expansion mode, working like a dog. He never took a day off for a year and a half straight,” Morgan says. “He wasn’t going out and meeting anyone on his own.”

Nate succumbed to pressure from his mother and sister to give online dating a try, and was a fitting choice. Around that same time, Morgan reactivated the account she had started while living in New York.

Other dating websites didn’t appeal to Morgan. An agriculture background was a deal-breaker for a girl who always knew she wanted to marry a farmer. While similar services offered personality matches, she jokes, “If he would have been a used-car salesman, it just would not have worked.”

As it turned out, Nate was looking for the same thing.

“His description was that he wanted a woman willing to pack up and head for the hills, who would understand that he would not be able to devote all of his time to her, and willing to accept and appreciate the farming lifestyle,” Morgan recalls.

He found what he was looking for when he saw a profile picture of a pretty girl hugging a show heifer.

“He thought that was really cute,” Morgan adds, “and he said, ‘my cows are friendly, too.’”

The couple went on their first date in May 2010, which, of course, included a visit to Nate’s farm. Morgan was pleased to find an exclusively Genex-sired herd. A year and a half later, he surprised her with a proposal while visiting her parents’ farm in northeast Iowa over Thanksgiving.

Nate had picked out the ring in August, and he paid for it in installments over several months – each time he sent a cow to market.

“My ring was funded entirely by cull cows,” Morgan laughs.

dairy wedding

On Sept. 8, 2012, the couple wed in a hayfield ceremony on the farm that both now call home near Belmont, Wisconsin.

The love for cows that brought them together was the central theme of the day. Their unity ceremony included mixing together milk and chocolate syrup.

dairy wedding milk ceremony

Cow bells chimed in celebration as they walked down the aisle; tables – and even the wedding cake – were adorned with Morgan’s cow collectables.

This was only the beginning of their love story. Just after their one-year wedding anniversary, Morgan and Nate welcomed their first child, Evelyn Kaye.

Morgan continues to work for Genex as a dairy procurement specialist, helping Nate on the dairy as she is available. And they plan to farm happily ever after.

The Kleibensteins offer this advice to others out there looking for that special someone. “You can’t be afraid to meet someone online. It takes the guesswork out and streamlines the process,” they say.

“Don’t be afraid to give it a try.”

After all, true love may only be a few clicks away! PD