Slideshow: For the love of kids and cows

Published on 08 February 2017
Kayla Rademacher and dairy cows

Here at Progressive Dairyman, there’s nothing that lights up our faces and warms our hearts quicker than photos of kids with their cows and calves, so we are spreading the love with these precious pictures of children and their bovine best friends.

PHOTO 1: Kayla Meier, daughter of Heidi and Stuart Meier of Madison, Wisconsin, entertains the cows during milking. Photo provided by Heidi Meier.

PHOTO 2: Brianna and Austin Meyer, children of Larry and Jennifer Meyer of Chilton, Wisconsin, chill with the cows. Photo provided by Jennifer Meyer.

PHOTO 3: Brody Martin, son of Jenny and Tim Martin of Lake Mills, Wisconsin, pets his content calf. Photo provided by Jenny Martin.

PHOTO 4: Abby Meyer, daughter of Larry and Jennifer Meyer of Chilton, Wisconsin, gives her bovine friend a hug. Photo provided by Jennifer Meyer.

PHOTO 5: Otto Rieden, son of Joe and Susan Rieden of Mount Calvary, Wisconsin, smiles adoringly at the camera surrounded by his calf friends. Photo provided by Susan Rieden.

PHOTO 6: Colton and Griffin Grinstead, sons of Katie and Grant Grinstead of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, head for the show ring at the Fond du Lac County Fair. Photo provided by Katie Grinstead.

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