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Stacy Moore with StacyRae Photographs

Published on 11 September 2017

How did you get started in photography?

MOORE: I always loved a good photograph, but when I had kids and the desire to have nice pictures of them without taking them to J.C. Penney’s every month made me start using my camera every day.



Stacy Moore


 Stacy Moore
Featured photographer
Aliquippa, Pennsylvania


What is your favorite type of photo to shoot?


MOORE: I love to shoot documentary photos. Just following and observing my children/subjects around to capture their everyday memories is my favorite.

Describe your most memorable photo shoot.

MOORE: My most memorable photo shoot. That is a hard one. One of the first styled sessions I did for my daughters and nieces was in the middle of a hay field surrounded by round bales in 2013. It was a fall tea party. I loved the setup.

The girls just played, and I thought it was perfect. Last year, my oldest daughter brought me the framed picture and said, “This was my most favorite day. When can we do it again?” We have had tea in a cornfield and in the middle of a pasture field since then.

Tutu helping to milk cows.

My most recent memorable photo shoot was when I took the opportunity to photograph my cousin’s engagement session in Wisconsin. I have always wanted to travel the Dairy State and to visit with the cousin was a big bonus, too.


She and her fiancé work on a large dairy, and we captured some kissing in the barn, togetherness in a tractor tire and just a bit of what their life looks like now and for the best part of their future.

Why do you enjoy farm-related photography?

MOORE: I grew up on a dairy farm. While I only live 10 minutes away, and times have changed things a little, I love when my girls go with me and experience some of the same memories I have. For instance, a line of round bales is the perfect place for jumping.

Katie and Lily getting grain for the claves

It was fun for me when I was small (and if I wasn’t six months pregnant with twins, I might have joined them) and it was fun for them (because every time we are there, they ask if they can go jump on the bales). The farm is a part of me, and I want it to be a part of them too. So photographing them on the farm is a way of reminding me of where I came from and preserving their memories too.

What are one or two tips you would give to an amateur photographer who wants to take a great picture of people or animals?

MOORE: Patience and practice. Everything takes time. While there might be certain tips and tricks to make an animal or a child do something, you can’t really control them. If you are patient and observe them, you will be able to better understand and capture the essence of who they are.

Leah feeding a cow hay

Be yourself and shoot what you love. end mark

PHOTO 1: Stacy Rae hole a picture of a painting

PHOTO 2:  Tutu helping to milk cows.

PHOTO 3: Katie and Lilly getting grain for the calves.

PHOTO 4: Leah feeding a cow hay. Photos by Stacy Moore.

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