• Sheeknoll Durham Arrow wins reserve supreme champion
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  • Burket Falls Farm. Dave Burket and son John Burket
    Polled Holsteins: Past, present and future Read More
  • Choose a breeding strategy
    Breeding through the eyes of a CFO Read More
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  • “Helping a neighbor,” my dad used to say, “is the greatest church work you can ever do.” I remember when my wife and I started dating, I explained to her how we would help neighbors get their hay baled or corn picked. She was skeptical, but after meeting Dad, I think she understood.

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  • With the changing of the seasons comes new challenges for dairy producers. As day length, temperature and environmental pests and pathogens change throughout the year, we see swings in intakes, production and animal health.

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  • What is the difference between ‘genetics,’ ‘genomics’ and ‘genome’?

    Genetics is a branch of biology focused on heredity and variation of organisms. In simpler terms, genetics focuses on the characteristics or traits that are passed from parents to children, from one generation to another.

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