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  • Amino acids are the building blocks that make up protein, and the actual nutrients that calves require. However, dairy calf nutrition is behind the curve with respect to embracing precise diet formulation by balancing for these key nutrients. Today, most milk replacers for calves are formulated and scrutinized based only on crude protein (CP) content, a number that doesn’t give us any real measure of the true building blocks the calves need: the amino acids.

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  • No matter what, there is almost always a group of cows that don’t conceive on the first attempt. They are inseminated, but within a month or two, they have either required another insemination or unexpectedly turn up open. What is going on?

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  • There are plenty of financial indicators of which dairy producers should keep close track. Milk prices, of course. Your income over feed cost is certainly important, and knowing your margins is a key to maintaining healthy liquidity. But if there’s one number that every dairy producer should know, it’s the cost it takes to produce 100 pounds of milk. Regardless of herd size or breed, knowing your farm’s cost of production could provide the answer to the crucial question: Is this the year I make an investment, or do I tighten the belt?

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  • Reaching breeding size sooner. Improving conception rates with fewer services. Achieving an earlier age at first calving. Healthier first-calf heifers and calves. Don’t you want it all on your farm?

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