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  • In a dairy herd, efficiency and profitability can be achieved or lost depending on the successful balance between production and reproduction. Better reproductive performance benefits the herd directly by decreasing the days open and the average days in milk (DIM), placing cows closer to peak than to late lactation in their curve, and consequently producing more milk per cow per day.

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  • Marcia Itle O’Connor stands today with one foot in her family’s fourth-generation Pennsylvania dairy farm and one foot in the dairy sales industry. As a young professional, she is building on proud traditions while carving out her own future success.

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  • I have been active on the Veterinary Practice Sustainability Committee of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) for the past five years. The members of the committee have been great to work with and are very proactive on tackling issues in the workplace.

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