• Trace minerals are important
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    Dairy Strong Bloggers: I gave up a great job for more hours and no benefits Read More
  • cow udder
    Give shelter from the storm: Protecting teat health during the winter months Read More
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  • When you live in a rural area, it’s common to receive visits from neighboring animals. Dogs, cats and even cows or horses sometimes range freely between neighboring farms with little concern for property lines and are usually sent back home with relatively little trouble.

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  • As the labor market in the dairy industry continues to tighten, employers are forced to become more creative in attracting employees. One option that many farmers have contemplated is offering housing. For the right farm, and the right manager, housing can be an excellent choice to put your farm above the rest. We’ve listed three pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right decision for your farm.

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  • The Quality Milk Alliance (QMA) and the Southeast Quality Milk Initiative (SQMI) are two USDA projects focusing on improving milk quality in the U.S. The two projects are similar but use different methods to determine what producers are doing well and not so well when it comes to producing high-quality milk.

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