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PD staff Published on 12 October 2010


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Summary: This was put together by Progressive Dairyman staff and featured highlights from the 2010 World Dairy Expo, including attendance, number of exhibitors and Expo Supreme Champion winners. The video also showcased some results from Proud to Dairy efforts at Expo, such as the giving away of nearly 750 Proud to Dairy buttons.

Because this article was so popular, we asked the staff at World Dairy Expo a follow-up question:

Q. How did you decide on the theme, "Around the World of Dairy in 5 Days," for the 2011 World Dairy Expo?
Each year World Dairy Expo’s trade show, seminar speakers, virtual farm tours and dairy cattle show feature the latest technology, products, services, management techniques and genetics available to dairy producers. Last year, 131 of Expo’s 771 dairy-focused, trade show exhibitors were new. You can be assured, if it is noteworthy, it will be unveiled, examined, discussed and on display at World Dairy Expo. This year’s theme celebrates how global the industry and event have become in 45 years.

International attendees have always been attracted to World Dairy Expo, but in recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in international companies exhibiting at World Dairy Expo. In 2010, participating companies hailed from 26 different countries, while attendees traveled to Madison, Wisconsin from 87 different countries. Join us October 4-8, 2011 to see what "Around the World of Dairy in 5 Days" can offer.
Lisa Behnke, marketing manager, World Dairy Expo

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For those of you who weren't able to make it to World Dairy Expo this year, we've put together a short video, highlighting some stats on attendance and winners. We also provided results from the activities at our booths.

It probably isn't a big suprise that Wisconsin had the most " dairy pride " by covering nearly the entire state with blue dots.

We had even planned ahead and included a larger version of the state on our map. (Many Wisconsinites suggested we draw in the county lines for next year's event.)

Can you guess how many international visitors placed dots in their countries? And did you hear who ended up winning that #grilledcheese competition?

Find out the answers to these burning questions and more in our World Dairy Expo :

Do you recognize yourself in this video? Leave a comment below, and we'll send you a Proud to Dairy hat!

Two days after we posted the video, Heather Moore left a comment below. At about two minutes in, she is featured with her son Tucker, both sporting "Proud to Dairy in Iowa" buttons. Thanks for commenting, Heather, and hope you enjoy your hat! PD

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