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  • Students met with Neal Smith
    Jersey Youth Academy – the future of the Jersey breed Read More
  • Tony P. Lopes
    California’s Tony P. Lopes returns to dairy roots Read More
  • The Siemers Holsteins management team
    Genetics and management yield pounds of success for Siemers Holsteins Read More
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November 7, 2019





  • The sole on a cow’s claw protects it from outside harm, similar to the sole of a shoe on a human foot. Having thin soles is similar to wearing thin or worn shoe soles in that the feet are more vulnerable to ground surfaces when they lack that extra layer of protection. Since cows are on their feet for extended periods, excessive sole wear, linked with over trimming of claws, can lead to significant complications in everyday activities, as well as dips in production.

  • Most farms recognize the benefit of meeting to discuss issues facing the farm. But it can be hard to see the value of doing this regularly before things blow up. Editor Walt Cooley talks with farm family decision consultant Andy Junkin about how to start meeting regularly and keep farm meetings on track and productive.

  • We expect a lot from heifer calves in today’s modern dairy world, which requires more efficiency and consistency for success. Populating the milking herd with any heifer is no longer viable.