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  • As outside pressures continue to limit production and cow numbers, dairies across the country are striving for maximum efficiency across their organizations. When we're limited by these factors, we must attempt to put the most profitable cows in every slot we have available. With component-based pricing, profitable cows are the ones with the highest levels of component efficiency (CE) and not necessarily the ones producing the most pounds of milk.

  • Helping my daughter, a high school senior, contemplate no school, no track, no forensics competitions, no prom and maybe no graduation ceremony due to COVID-19 is a hard conversation. As my wife and I have that tough conversation with her, I can’t help but realize that many in the dairy industry may face tough conversations as well in the year ahead.

  • The television series Undercover Boss prompts business owners and executives to leave the comfort of their offices for an up-close look at the day-to-day operations of their companies. Whether it’s a restaurant franchise or retail chain, each “boss” is sure to find areas to trim costs, improve efficiencies and boost employee morale. There’s something powerful that happens when they spend time with their boots on the ground, instead of behind a desk.