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  • When dairy producers have valuable genetic and management information but fail to take advantage of it, it might be termed unfortunate. However, think of all the potential information that could be provided but isn’t (yet); these absences are preventing real progress and can be called “missed opportunities.” Obviously, similar situations are pervasive everywhere in life, but fortunately U.S. dairy producers can avoid a few of these missed opportunities, which we’ll detail in this article.

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  • Through the art of lace-making, Dagmar Beckel Machyckova is encouraging an unfamiliar audience to find the common thread between modern calf housing and urban human housing with her hand-spun masterpiece.

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  • It’s open hunting season, and you’re hunting for a buyer. You have some used farm equipment to sell (join the club). Is it as easy as throwing up a message on Facebook or Twitter, or posting on Craigslist? Ha. If only. …

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