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  • ParlorComp (part of the new VAS Platform) and its desktop companion ParlorWatch are at the forefront of dairy production management. These software technologies are capable of improving the quality and consistency of milk production today — but additional advancements now available have the opportunity to further raise the bar on quality and result in less waste/wasted profit.

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  • Farm transitioning can be a very stressful time. Change is never ceasing, but it still comes with more than a little heartburn for those of us who have been in the production side of agriculture on the same piece of the earth for more than a few years.

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  • High-producing dairy cows are more susceptible to negative impact from stressors in their feed and in their environment. But what matters for performance and efficiency is how the cows respond. Feeding the right natural bioactive substances can help the animal adapt its response in a way that helps maintain milk quality and component yields. This article focuses on how to adapt to the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (DON) for profitability.

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  • Automatic milking robots can essentially be arranged in one of two ways when it comes to entry and exit of cows. One way we call perpendicular and the other is tollgate.

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