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  • Globally, many family farms fell back on “DIY self-sufficiency” in the wake of infrastructure disruptions of transporting agriculture goods due to COVID-19 economics. The adage, “make due with what’s on hand,” is an undisputed fact acknowledged across all demographics this spring.

  • Small tweaks to facilities can get a dairy operating at its full potential, with cow well-being and comfort at the forefront. However, there are some common bottlenecks that can interfere with achieving success.

  • I grew up not too far from Six Flags Great America. The American Eagle is the tallest and fastest racing wooden roller coaster in the world. Its first drop gives me the feeling most dairy farmers must have felt this spring, not exhilarating, but gut-wrenching. Mandates to dump milk and cut production combined with plummeting milk prices and uncertainty as far as the eye could see were enough to give anyone that nauseous feeling.