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  • We all know the familiar lyrics and beloved tune of Old MacDonald; it is perhaps the most iconic song about farming. But Land O’Lakes has taken the nostalgic classic to a new level by rewriting the lyrics to highlight the importance of female farmers.

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  • To improve cow comfort, health and milk production in the following lactation, dry cow management needs to include truly short day length as well as effective heat stress prevention. Done right, this approach allows cows and heifers to more fully express their genetic capacity to produce milk.

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  • Calf diarrhea is a costly, but common problem on today’s dairies. In fact, according to the 2014 NAHMS data, diarrhea was responsible for 56 percent of pre-weaned heifer deaths. In addition, recent research shows that even when calves overcome this disease challenge, there are still negative consequences in the form of reduced first-lactation milk production and increased age at first calving. Thus, preventing diarrhea is essential to raising healthy calves.

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