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Four stories not to miss in this issue

Progressive Dairyman Editor Walt Cooley Published on 06 May 2014

Sometimes there’s just so many good articles in one issue you need a bit more space to promote them all. This is one of those issues. Read about a few I suggest you review in this issue.

Another test drive starts
The poll question featured below ties into the second installment of our new technology test-driver article series. This issue’s article will introduce you to the two dairymen who will use new handheld forage moisture testers.



By the end of the test-driver article series, we’d like to have some data that will frame how potentially disruptive – perhaps in a good way – the new technology discussed in this issue will be. Click here to read more about it. Our poll will close this month, so if you haven’t voted, please do so.

Also, I’ve received positive feedback about the first test-driver article that we ran in February. Most of it came from industry and commercial partners who said they too thought it would move the industry forward. If you’d like to get in on a future round of test-driving new technologies, please email me.

Soy ‘milk’ freeloads off real milk
Ryan Miltner explains the consequences of a recent court decision declaring that two non-dairy-ingredient products were not deceptively labeled as “milk,” even though they contained no “opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein” that was produced by cows. These legalized marketing claims for real milk’s competitors only makes milk’s marketing challenges more difficult. Click here to read more.

New movie about farmers debuts
If you’re on social media, you’ll want to read our interview with the director and a cast member of the new movie Farmland, which will open in theaters this month. One of the real-life farmers portrayed in the film suggests that the movie will give all U.S. farmers an opportunity to join in the conversation about how our food is produced.

He also aptly identified this may be a perfect opportunity for younger farmers to speak up. One of his most interesting comments was about why farming needs younger farmers to defend it right now. Click here to read more.


Predicting milk’s next move
Katie Krupa’s article this issue dives into a few indices that have at one time been proposed as leading indicators for milk price movements. ( Click here to read her article.) She debunks most of them as unpredictable.

However, if you’ve got one that isn’t featured here that you think is reliable, please email it in. I’m not opposed to running a similar article again in the future to analyze your suggestions. We already have one that didn’t make it into this issue, so we could use another one or two. PD

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