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Progressive Dairyman's Top 25 of 2010

Published on 09 December 2010


We're counting down our Top 25 most well-read articles in 2010 on Each article features a summary, and many have follow-up questions and responses or updates on the topic discussed.



Read below for the list so far. You can see a full list in Issue 18 of Progressive Dairyman magazine. Keep checking back online for additional content not available in print.

Click a link below to read articles in the Top 25:

1. PD Poll: Dairy Reform
2. 5 things I can't do without: Hugh Love

3. The boogey man in the milking parlor

4. 12,000 hooves: Trim them all at once, twice per year


5. Do you know the new calf and heifer raising standards?

6. India: The world's largest milk producer

7. Margin outlook not as strong for 2011

8. Carcass composting project unearthed in California

9. Issue 18 2009: 5 things I can't do without

10. CityBoy Issue 18 2009: "CityBoy's 12 Days of Christmas"


11. Students obtain "hands-on" experience through summer dairy program
12. Sorghum: An economical forage for dairy producers

13. Running out of time: U.S. must become a global dairy supplier

14. Should I exit the dairy industry?

15. Crossbreeding study participants share observations, opinions
16. Every herd has metritis

17. World Dairy Expo video

18. 5 Things I can't do without: Darin Dykstra

19. Let's agree on a few things about MPCs

20. Oregon State cows monitored 24-7

21. Brubakers find many benefits with methane digester

22. How to adjust rations to incorporate BMR corn silage

23. Time to reclaim animal well-being as our issue

24. 3 open minutes with Doug Maddox and Gary Genske

25. 3 open minutes with David Martosko of HumaneWatch