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HERd Management: Redesigning women’s role on the farm

Annaliese Wegner for Progressive Dairy Published on 23 August 2019

Other people: What is it like be married to a farmer?

Me: I don’t know. Ask my husband.



Any other FarmHERs out there get a little annoyed by this question or when people assume you aren’t involved on the farm because you are a woman? Sure, my role on the farm has changed a bit since the twins were born over a year ago, and I guess you could say I am more of a full-time mom and a part-time farmer these days. I spend a lot more time caring for the kiddos, running to doctor appointments, cooking meals and (trying to) keep the house in order.

But I still consider myself a farmer. I still get up at zero-dark-thirty to feed calves and do chores. I still help out on the farm whenever and wherever I can. I still care, and I still farm.

The role of the “farm wife” isn’t just diapers and dishes. We work hard on and off the farm – and in my opinion, we are redesigning the role. And here’s a poem I wrote to explain all of our responsibilities with the farm wife role. Cheers to all my fellow hardworking farmHERs. end mark

Bag and wire

She feeds the calves; she feeds the farmer; she feeds the kids.
She drives the tractor; she drives the van;
she just wants to drive off the grid.


She scrubs the parlor; she scrubs the dishes; she scrubs the floor.
She does it all and greets you with a smile
as you walk through the door.

She gets the groceries, gets the tractor parts
and gets no extra pay.
She runs here, she runs there and always listens
to what you have to say.

She’s the first one up and the last one down.
She’s wondering when you are going to
take her out on the town.

She packs the snacks; she packs the silage;
she packs the diaper bag.
She fixes the fence, fixes the owie,
and you’ll rarely hear her brag.

She needs some recognition; she needs some credit.
She is being overlooked and is fed up with it.

Cheers to all my farmHERS;
I’ll greet you with a wink.
Because I know what you really need
is a darn stiff drink!


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