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April 1

Current Progressive Dairy Digital Edition

The April 1, 2020 issue of Progressive Dairy highlights dairy equipment. Get some pointers on choosing the right feed mixer, and check out the latest in ag equipment and technology. Also included is manure handling. Find the benefits of using liquid manure on young corn crops, and learn how to keep diseases from spreading through manure. Lastly, hear the buzz on biofuels.

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Progressive Dairy Issue 1 2020

January 1

The January 1, 2020 issue of Progressive Dairy covers A.I. and breeding. Learn how to manage reproductive tract inflammation in dairy cows, and find out how the U.S. A.I. industry is doing. Also included is calf and heifer raising. Learn how to more accurately measure calf development, and get some tips on raising calves through the winter. Lastly, find out what the Census of Agriculture has to say about dairy farms.

Progressive Dairy Issue 2 2020

January 20

The January 20, 2020 issue of Progressive Dairy discusses herd health. Learn about the nutrient costs of an immune response to an attack of mastitis. Also included is milk quality. Get some tips on how to qualify for a milk quality program, and get some insights on deciding between components versus flow when it comes to getting value for your milk. Lastly, get some tips on maximizing teat health in the winter.

Progressive Dairy Issue 3 2020

February 7

The February 7, 2020, issue of Progressive Dairy takes a closer look at some financial management practices you can use to improve your farm. Check out the evolution of milk cooling over the years, or read about adjustments you can make to your winter milking routine. Find out the best ways to address low forage inventories and feed quality challenges, or learn how particle size affects a high-straw diet. Lastly, see what steps you can take to decrease your robot feed costs.