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Progressive Dairy Issue 1 2021

January 1

The January issue of Progressive Dairy focuses on reproduction. Read a three-part series on how to make breeding day more effective, and learn more about the newly announced Feed Saved trait focused on feed efficiency. Also included is calf and heifer raising. Get some tips on how to avoid bottlenecks in your calf-raising program. Lastly, get some pointers on staying in the black in 2021.

Progressive Dairy Issue 2 2021

January 19

The January 19, 2021 issue of Progressive Dairy focuses on milk quality. Learn some strategies to maintain or improve mammary health and milk quality. Also included is herd health. See how on-farm culturing helped a Wisconsin dairy cut back on antibiotic usage, and get some tips on improving the transition period. Lastly, learn four tips for preventing scours in calves.

Progressive Dairy Issue 3 2021

February 7

The February 7, 2021 issue of Progressive Dairy focuses on feed and nutrition. See if feeding homegrown roasted soybeans or feed beets could help reduce purchased feed costs, and get some pointers on evaluating feed additives to include in rations. Also included is margins and finances. Read up on a case study about risk management and depooling, and get a 20/20 look at lessons learned from 2020. Lastly, get some tips on transitioning into a new milking system.