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0108 PD: First-ever dairy cattle display planned at World Ag Expo

Published on 21 December 2007

Live dairy cattle will be on display during this year’s World Ag Expo for the first time in show history. The exhibit, part of Semex’s “Walk of Fame,” will allow dairy producers to see and touch nine lactating dairy cattle, featuring Holstein and Jersey breeds.

“They will be animals that large-herd producers can relate to,” says Joan Lau, vice president of marketing for Semex Alliance. “They will be animals that show longevity with high fertility.”



The animals will be housed, watered, fed, milked and cared for on the grounds 24 hours per day during the three-day show. Cal-Poly San Louis Obispo students and Semex employees will provide on-site, continuous care for the animals.

For the past two years, Semex Alliance has showcased nine of its progeny testing program’s outstanding daughters at World Dairy Expo. This year the semen sales company headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, will handpick outstanding progeny graduates from dairies in California’s Central Valley and the West Coast for display.

“It’s the same kind of display as World Dairy Expo. We want to show the cows off on a platform so that dairymen can get a good view of the rear udders and the strength of the animals,” Lau says.

Semex’s live cattle display has been an 11-year tradition at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Canada. Lau says the booth helps deliver what producers want to know when making genetic decisions.

“What is important for dairy producers is to see examples of what a sire will transmit to one of their own animals,” Lau says.


Semex sire analysts are currently evaluating Semex daughters on the West Coast for exhibit candidates. Lau says dairy producers who would like their animals to be considered should contact Semex sire analysts Brian Carscadden at or Nick Sarbacker at . Lau says producers whose cows are chosen to participate will be compensated. PD