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2012 World Ag Expo: Pull out your World Ag Expo dairy map, start planning ahead

PD Staff Published on 18 January 2012


Inserted inside this edition of Progressive Dairyman is a pull-out poster that showcases the dairy-related exhibitors and events planned at World Ag Expo in Tulare, California, Feb. 14-16.



The poster also highlights the dairy-specific seminars Progressive Dairyman will be hosting at the show’s seminar center just a minute’s walk from the indoor exhibition hall for dairy, the Farm Credit Dairy Center.

Progressive Dairyman appreciates the support of the following sponsors:


More than 125 years on, DeLaval continues to drive innovation in the dairy industry.

Our mission is simple: We drive progress in milk production. Our Smart Farming initiative is focused on empowering dairy farmers with the decision tools and automation technologies that seamlessly integrate products, services and knowledge for better-quality milk, herd management, productivity and profit.


DeLaval also recognizes the interrelationship between dairy farming and the environment – our Sustainable Dairy Farming initiative aims to reduce the environmental footprint of farms, while improving farm profitability and the well-being of the people and animals involved.

Virtus Nutrition
Virtus Nutrition, the maker of EnerGII and the Omega Nutrition Solution with Strata G113 and Prequel, provides smart solutions for innovative dairies. Visit to access the Omega Value Calculator to determine the value of balancing your cows’ diet with the proper levels of omega-6s pre-fresh and omega-3s during early lactation and breeding.

The Omega Nutrition Solution by Virtus reliably produces more milk, consistently increases conception rates and improves herd condition to enable better overall performance and greater business profitability. For more information from your Virtus sales representative, please email us at

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Soy Best High Bypass Soybean Meal supplies high-quality bypass protein for dairy cows. Manufactured by the mechanical extraction process, it contains no chemical solvents and is all-natural.

Soy Best includes addition of soy gums, with soy nutrients called lecithin and phosphatidyl-choline, as well as an elevated level of natural vitamin E. The lecithin behaves like rumen-protected fat – resulting in even more rumen bypass.

In addition to containing lots of bypass protein, research shows the bypass protein in Soy Best is more digestible in the intestine than other products tested, as reported in the Journal of Dairy Science .


Founded by Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech is a global animal health and nutrition company with more than 31 years’ experience in developing natural products that are scientifically proven to enhance animal health and performance. Recognizing the challenges that dairy producers face on a daily basis, Alltech has developed the Alltech Dairy Advantage.

This program provides a 360-degree approach to improving the dairy farmer’s bottom line through nutritional innovation and maximum cow comfort. To learn how the Alltech Dairy Advantage Program can help you, please visit or contact us at . PD