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Progressive Events: Chick Day event inspires farm women to shine in various ways

Progressive Dairyman Editor Karen Lee Published on 11 September 2017
Around 120 people attended Chick Day

It was a beautiful, sunny, summer day when 120 women and a few men gathered at Road View Dairy in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, for the 2017 Vita Plus Chick Day on Aug. 16.

Farm owner Sherri Yager gave the group a warm welcome and shared how the farm started with her husband, Mike, farming with his family in 1986 to the two of them moving to their current location and operating the farm on a cash rent basis in 1992; they purchased the farm four years later.



The Yager family

Their son Chadd and his wife, Whitney, are now partners in the 280-cow farm and work full time with Mike and Sherri. Their daughter Heather and her husband, Brandon Larson, farm together near Darlington, Wisconsin, and help out at Road View Dairy as their schedule allows.

In addition, the farm has three employees and offers opportunities to international interns through the Communicating for Agriculture Exchange Program.

Sherri Yager, crafted this sign for the event

Family members explained more about the farm’s operation on a tour of the facilities, which include new dry cow and heifer barns as well as an addition to the fresh cow freestall barn.


After lunch, Anne Jones of Jones Valley Jerseys, Ridgeway, Wisconsin; Pam Schure of Schurecrest Farms, Markesan, Wisconsin; and Yogi Brown of Sunburst Dairy, Belleville, Wisconsin; shared their personal stories about farm transition. Each dairy farmer was in a different stage of the process, and they provided interesting perspectives in working with family and adding new members to the farm team.

Three women shared how their families are addressing the issue fo farm transition

The afternoon continued with three breakout sessions where participants shared about the people and events that served as the foundation for their values, learned different techniques for decorating cupcakes and received calf care tips.

Honds-on activity, participants practiced cupcake decorating

After dinner, a keynote speaker provided the five ways she stays focused on the positives in life.

Throughout the day, a silent auction was held with various themed baskets supplied by Vita Plus team members, the host family and their farm’s suppliers.


Silent auction

The silent auction raised $2,700 for the Greater Wisconsin Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  end mark

PHOTO 1: Around 120 people attended the event at Road View Dairy in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. Photo by Karen Lee.

PHOTO 2: Sherri Yager, a member of the host family, crafted this sign for the event and gifted it for use at future Chick Day events. Photo by Karen Lee.

PHOTO 3: The Yager family hosted this year’s Vita Plus Chick Day. Three generations of family members include, left to right, back row: Whitney Yager, Chadd Yager, Brandon Larson; middle row: Connor Larson, Mike Yager, Sherri Yager, Heather Larson; front row: Grant Yager, Michael Larson, Charlee Larson and Haylee Yager. Photo provided by Vita Plus.

PHOTO 4: Three women shared how their families are addressing the issue of farm transition. They included, left to right, Anne Jones, Pam Schure and Yogi Brown.For a hands-on activity, participants practiced cupcake decorating techniques. Photo by Karen Lee.

PHOTO 5: A silent auction raised $2,700 to help provide care and support for those affected by Alzheimer’s, fund research and treatment, and increase awareness of the disease. Photo by Karen Lee.