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World Dairy Expo 2019: New products, technologies to be introduced at World Dairy Expo

Published on 30 September 2019

Looking for the latest products and technologies to manage your dairy? Get a sneak peek at the innovations on display at World Dairy Expo.


Cinnatube all-natural dry cow tube



Cinnatube all-natural dry cow tube

Cinnatube is the first non-antibiotic, OMRI-listed, all-natural dry cow tube, proven effective in peer-reviewed research. North Carolina State University research, published in the Journal of Dairy Science, demonstrates it to be effective in the prevention of new cases of mastitis during the dry period.

NCSU-USDA-SARE Project GS10-094 findings state: “The risk of new infections for each treatment were 14 plus or minus 7% for CIN [Cinnatube] … 23 plus or minus 20% for CON [Quartermaster with Orbeseal] …. Cinnatube appeared to have a protective effect versus new infections compared with no treatment … Cinnatube was also effective at preventing future infections … eliminating the risk of antibiotic residues in milk/meat and by lowering the contribution of the dairy industry to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.”

The USDA-SARE said, “Milk quality was not negatively affected by the use of any treatment. These herbal treatments are recommended for use if mastitis during the dry period and antibiotic use are of concern to the farmer.”

Booth: TC 860 (Zelpharma)


Bud Guard for debudding calves

Bud Guard is a protective barrier for debudding, used to spray on a wound after debudding.

It is antibiotic-free and contains a unique film-forming agent that creates a waterproof barrier to help prevent contamination and aid in quick wound healing. The physical barrier from the spray helps to seal the wound and reduce bleeding if accidentally hit by calves when they return to pens or pasture.

The product contains antibacterial and antifungal properties from the essential oils that help to kill any contaminants on the wound to speed up healing. For use once calf has been properly debudded with a hot iron under anaesthesia. It is simple to use; spray until wound is sufficiently covered.

Spray onto debud area after removal by gas dehorner under local anesthesia. Shake container well, set to “stream” on spray nozzle head and spray liberally on the area. Allow debudded area one to two minutes for protective film to form before reintroducing back to pen/pasture.

Booth: EH 1306 (Provita Animal Health LLC)


Easy Boss E

Easy Boss E (EBE) is an ingenious oral distraction device developed for safe cattle handling that incorporates the reflexive and natural chewing behavior of cattle to distract the animal. Compared to standard cattle-handling methods, the product allows for a more humane approach to cattle handling, leading to improved welfare for both animal and handler alike.

When used, it immediately calms cattle and prevents kicking and other defensive behaviors. In particular, eye, ear, mouth and facial procedures are safer and performed more quickly in comparison to traditional cattle-handling methods. No halter use.

Made of medical-grade stainless steel and a vinyl grip handle, it is light and ergonomic. It is recognized for its value in cattle handling and animal welfare across the world.

Read the research behind this product in The Canadian Veterinary Journal, “The Impact of an Oral Distraction During a Painful Procedure.”

Booth: TC 845


Cattle Care

Cattle Care manages feedbunk and lock-up time

Cattle Care offers feedbunk and lock-up time management using video cameras and artificial intelligence. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to monitor what’s going on in the barns in 24-7 mode, using cameras. It reads feedbunks, calculates how many cows are eating and tracks if feed is pushed up closer to cows. With this software, it’s easy to optimize availability of feed, number of pushups and headlock management. The same cameras and technology can be used for individual cow recognition and tracking. It also detects diseases and measures feed intake.

Booth: TC 884


The Holm & Laue CalfExpert

The Holm & Laue CalfExpert

The CalfExpert revolutionizes work with your calves. All important information about your calves is right at your fingertips: at the calf feeder, at the HygieneStation or on your mobile phone. Whole-milk feeding is even more convenient when combined with the double milk jug cooling tank. The feeder controls these functions all automatically, including the cleaning of all the lines and the tanks.

Some new and exciting features of the new calf feeder include individual animal feeding, always freshly mixed milk, metabolic programming, effective mixing of milk replacer, heater in the mixing bowl, intelligent whole-milk feeding, dual wash system, tube cleaning including the teat, operator’s manual on the calf feeder screen for quick answers to questions, smart keys, Calf Guide and QuadraFlex to feed four calves their own individual ration at the same time.

Booth: EH 1411-1514; TM 725


New Deltascraper for sand barns

New Deltascraper for sand barns

Most manure scrapers wear faster in barns with sand bedding in the stalls. JOZ has developed a new scraper for these barns, the HDX Deltascraper.

This is the most wear-resistant, heavy-duty Deltascraper the company has put on the market so far. It is offered as an entirely folding or half-folding scraper. The single-folding scraper can be used in any side discharges, is low-maintenance and is ideal for places that are difficult to reach.

That means the scraper is sold in combination with the new hardened HC corner roll, a corner roll with hardened components that ensure the chain scraper runs better. Should maintenance have to be carried out, this is easier than other scrapers, as all the worn parts are replaceable.

Booth: AR 512-513 (JOZ)

VES introduces DairyBOS

VES introduces DairyBOS

VES scientifically designs environmental systems that optimize cow health and productivity for dairies around the world. Farmers have been installing fans for decades, but the company is first to employ veterinarians to design systems entirely around the animals, not buildings. We call this model “animal-centered environments,” and we’re striving to make it the industry standard.

Through an exclusive partnership with Software Motor Company, VES is announcing DairyBOS, the Dairy Barn Operating System, which uses sensors, automation, cloud-based controls and Internet of Things (IoT) to maintain optimal conditions for the living things in the barn year-round. The first full system of this kind was implemented in July at Fetzer Farms in Elmwood, Wisconsin. See this barn in virtual reality inside the Trade Center.

Booth: TC 861


Agrirepel protects silage and grain from birds and rodents

Agrirepel is a line of all-natural bird, rodent and raccoon repellent plastic storage for silage and grain, in the forms of bale wrap, silage bags, grain bags and bunker covers. Agrirepel ag-plastic is completely safe and uses an all-natural repellent additive in every square inch of the highest-quality plastic. It is proven effective and is a cost-efficient way to protect your silage and grain from dangerous mold that can be caused by pests.

When pests break holes in plastic storage for silage and grain, oxygen gets in and causes harmful and even dangerous bacteria and mold. This mold can cause major health problems for cows or any animal eating the feed, causing decreased yields in dairy cows as well as weight loss and infertility. Often, farmers are forced to throw away the feed and buy new – which is a significant loss of money and time.

Booth: TC 852

Dairyman's Edge CORE probiotic for lactating cowsDairyman’s Edge CORE probiotic for lactating cows

Dairyman’s Edge CORE is a new probiotic designed specifically for lactating dairy cows that includes a custom combination of six bacterial strains and a proprietary blend of three exogenous enzymes. Its ingredients are designed to improve nutrient availability by enhancing total tract fiber and starch digestion. Early research shows a 2.5% increase in total tract starch digestion and a 5.6% improvement in total tract NDF digestibility.

Additionally, the custom bacterial strains in the product were selected to target competitive inhibition of pathogenic bacteria, stimulate growth of lactate producers and utilizers, and enhance endogenous enzyme production. This is a unique probiotic that adds value to your bottom line and can be fed as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with any yeast product currently in the ration.

Booth: EH 2702 (Papillon)

Feed cattle in extreme conditions with Accumix 1000s

Feed cattle in extreme conditions with Accumix 1000s

The AM 1000s feed mixer is designed to solve the challenges farmers face when feeding cattle in extreme conditions. It is solidly built with a 300-horsepower engine, high ground clearance, large off-road tires, crab steering for tight spaces, brand-name proven hydraulic components, a spacious cab and hydraulic suspension. While other machines are built for ideal conditions, this machine is truly “built for here.”

Booth: AL 151 (Highline Manufacturing)

Energrow in-line robot feeding system

Feed is one of the highest farm expenses. Want to replace most or all of your robot pellets with your own crops? Energrow is showcasing its new in-line robot feeding system for high-moisture corn at World Dairy Expo. This compact feeder integrates with a milking robot in order to reliably and easily dispense freshly ground high-moisture corn to the robot feeder. The system consists of a unique grinder, hopper bin, sensors and controls for reliable, clean and energy-efficient feeding processing. Whole wet corn can be augured from storage directly to this system mounted above the robot, where it grinds and stores corn on demand.

Booth: EH 1205-1206


DeLaval introduces P500 parlor milking system

DeLaval introduces P500 parlor milking system

Designed to deliver a smoother milking process, DeLaval introduces the P500 parlor milking system. This new system’s features include SynchroArc, SynchroSweep and SyncroControl, creating a safer, calmer, faster, more comfortable and productive milking process. This parlor has zero obstructions at the cow exit, thanks to SynchroArc. SynchroSweep saves you time and makes exiting more efficient, with up to a 56% reduction in exit cycle time. The SynchroControl feature allows for more automation and functions all at your fingertips.

The newest generation of the DeLaval teat spray robot TSR is another solution where time and efficiency are well managed. With seven seconds per bail and the ability to spray up to 514 cows per hour, the speed of the TSR has increased by 28.5%. The TSR has a 99% teat identification and spray accuracy and six available spray patterns to best suit your operation.

Booth: EH 3011-3315

FutureCow post-dip teat sprayer

FutureCow post-dip teat sprayer

FutureCow will debut a new automated post-dip teat sprayer at World Dairy Expo. The automated teat sprayer is perfect for rotary parlors and features multifacing nozzles to provide superior coverage and accuracy by spraying both teat ends and teat barrels.

The automated post-dip technology can help prevent the spread of bacteria and kill any mastitis-causing pathogens that may be present on the teat surface. Dairies that use the teat sprayer system can also save money by reducing the number of workers needed in the parlor.

This product joins FutureCow’s Teatscrubber Prep System and their line of cow comfort products including the 48-inch rotating ComfortBrush. The company manufactures all products in the U.S.

Booth: EH 3817 - 3918.


The ultimate cold-weather safety boot

The Reed Glacier Composite Toe combines everything you need in a farm boot – comfort and protection. This lightweight, waterproof boot has a composite safety toe that is ASTM 2413-18 rated and will keep your feet warm, even on the coldest day. The Kevlar puncture-resistant midsole and oil/slip-resistant, all-terrain outsole makes the Glacier Comp Toe perfect on or off the farm. Reed’s Glacier line-up of footwear features 360 degrees of insulation with polar fleece lining to wrap your foot in warmth, combined with the extra comfortable Gel-COOSH insole, and these boots will make you smile and say “Now, that’s comfy.” The boot is comfort-rated from -40ºF and available in men’s sizes 7-15.

Booth: AR 414-418 (Bag Man LLC)

Pit-King manure digestant

Pit-King manure digestant

It’s a manure treatment you can actually get pumped about. Pit-King is Agri-King’s new manure digestant product containing a proprietary blend of enzymes, micro-organisms, co-factors and the company’s patented Bacillus strain. It is designed for use in farm manure pits, lagoons, slurry stores, feedlots and pens. The product, a multienzyme blend, creates a rapid breakdown of undigested manure solids, while its unique micro-organism combination continues manure solid decomposition and also reduces compounds like ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide. Trials on large dairy farms in Wisconsin, Washington and Indiana have shown significant decreases in manure solid content and odor, resulting in easier agitation, increased storage capacity, more efficient pumping and money saved. Plus, when you sign up for the Pit-King maintenance subscription program, you can choose to have the product shipped directly to your farm monthly or quarterly at a discounted price.

Booth: MC 47-50 (Agri-King, Inc.)

4D Ag Fashion introduces high-visible orange options

4D Ag Fashion introduces high-visible orange options

Safety at the farm is getting more important every day, and that’s why we developed our line of safety clothing. Our two most-sold aprons, apron with towel pockets and sleeved apron, are now available in high-visible orange fabric with reflectors. Also, the bibbed overalls sizes S-XL are now available in bright orange fabric with reflectors. Wholesale and custom-made orders or private label orders available.

Booth: TC 806

Corburn Blue Wear offers new Utilibibs and Utilisleeves

Coburn Blue Wear offers new UtiliBibs and UtiliSleeves

UtiliBibs are waterproof, lightweight and feature reflective bands for added visibility. They have four chest pockets and two extra-large towel pockets and are available in adult small through XXL and have an adjustable waist, allowing for three levels of fit. They also have zippered ankle openings with three bottom leg snaps, ensuring the correct pant-leg width, and are machine washable.

UtiliSleeves are 100% waterproof. They are made of durable water-repellent nylon and feature a secure Seamtite wrist cuff. Seamtite is the same technology used in diving gear, ensuring your wrists stay dry. To achieve a custom cuff fit, cut cuff to the desired width using the 1/8-inch guides. The armband stays put using silicone gel-backed elastic. One size fits most; the sleeves are sold in pairs. Both are available in January 2020.

Booth: EH 2703-2704, EH 2801-2905, TC 825-826  end mark