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In your own words... What is the biggest improvement you have seen in the industry over the past year?

Published on 11 March 2015

Dan bolin

Dan Bolin
New Day Dairy
Clarksville, Iowa



“The biggest improvement I’ve seen in the past year in the dairy industry is that when milk prices are high and times seem to be relatively good, we tend to settle in and enjoy ourselves but maybe lose a bit of that push to be innovative and come up with the next great thing. So let’s be ready to be innovative here in the next few years and keep pushing forward to be more efficient and be the best we can.”

thiago nasclmento

Thiago Nasclmento
University of Delaware

“In my home country of Brazil, we’ve seen advancements in our use of byproducts. We’ve seen improved fermentation with products like sugar cane.”

Megan smith


Megan Smith
University of Delaware

“The industry has made big strides in starch digestion research. There have been advancements in lab techniques to analyze starch digestibility in the rumen and improvement methods of reporting starch digestibility.”

sander penterman

Sander Penterman
Dutch Dairy LLC
Thorp, Wisconsin

“The technology and automation available has really taken a step up. We use a system called Cow Manager that allows us to detect heat, monitor rumination, activity and pick up DAs.”

Responses from social media


“Improved profit margins have provided dairymen with the opportunity to keep up on things that have beendelayed. Facility, maintenance or equipment upgrades are necessary for future production.”
Matthew Rogers,Bellefonte, Pennsylvania via Facebook

Brett Tighe,Brandon, South Dakota via Twitter