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Progressive Dairy’s top 10 images of 2019

Compiled by Progressive Dairy staff Published on 22 November 2019

We asked our team of editors and illustrators to vote for their top images of the last 12 months. For more year-end coverage, visit our Top 25 of 2019 article.

1. May 25, 2019, cover photo of Stella

Based on feedback from readers, we’re guessing this would have been a lot of people’s favorite image of the year. Cover model Stella did a great job of “painting” a canvas with colored yogurt. Her mother, PD Editor Audrey Schmitz, says she saved a few copies as keepsakes.  

2. July 1, 2019, cover photo with name change  

The sun may have set on our previous masthead of Progressive Dairyman, but the July 1 cover photo and accompanying new logo set the tone for the change. With the removal of “man” from our magazine’s name, we reaffirmed our commitment to the dairy industry as a whole and invite all to embrace its indented message of inclusivity.  

3. Do your calves need yoga? From Jan. 1, 2019, issue

“At a time when people can actually take goat yoga classes, it was clever to see an illustration of calves with sweatbands.”

PD Editor Karen Lee

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4. ‘InFocus: Mapping the 2019-20 landscape of dairy policy’ from April 19, 2019, issue

“I thought this spread was nice for our readers to get a better idea of who the elected officials are affecting policy in the agriculture industry. Sometimes it is nice to have things mapped out, and it makes it easier to understand. This was a great idea!”

PD Graphic Designer Ray Merritt 

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5. Progressive Dairy podcast 

The launch of our podcast in September 2019 has been a real labor of love for the editorial team. 

“We have spent several months talking to and surveying a small group of dairy farmers and people throughout the industry, including our advisory board,” PD Editor Peggy Coffeen says. “By carefully listening to responses from the group, we formulated what we believe to be a helpful and informative program that can serve as an on-the-go companion with that same reliable, trustworthy information you find when reading Progressive Dairy magazine.”

Get caught up on the website, or subscribe wherever you tune in to your podcasts. 

6. ‘Is your dairy’s future navigation on your terms or someone else’s?’ from May 7, 2019, issue 

“This is such a clever illustration that pulled me into the article. It really works as a metaphor for how the dairy industry should prepare for the future, and the way the water resembles milk makes me thirsty for a tall glass of milk and cookies!”

—PD Graphic Designer Corey Lewis 

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7. Nov. 25, 2018, cover image 

“I like the line work, colors and texture to this piece. I thought the illustration reverently depicted the Savior's birth.”

—PD Production Editor Fredric Ridenour 

8. ‘Feed efficiency: Are you telling the whole story?’ from Aug. 6, 2019, issue 

“This was my favorite illustration because our production team nailed it out of the park creating this image. I requested it be made to go along with the casino analogy in the article it was paired with. When looking at the print layout, the image really drew readers in and brought the story message home.” 

PD Editor Audrey Schmitz

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9. July 19, 2019, cover image 

“This image not only depicts the business model of a growing dairy enterprise, the Breeze Group, but it also represents the fulfillment of a vision set forth by one of the group’s founders, Brian Gerrits. His focus on the future impels the organization to find strategic ways to create a viable dairy business for the future."

PD Editor Peggy Coffeen

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10. ‘What’s new in high-speed tillage and planting?’ from May 7, 2019, issue 

It’s quite a feat to come up with an equipment image that looks generic enough to not be tied to a particular brand and to look exciting enough to help pull you into the article. Lewis accomplishes both with this illustration. 

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