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October 11, 2013 issue: New Products

PD Staff Published on 10 October 2013

Ayrstone upgrades technology with the AyrMesh Hub2n
Ayrstone Productivity, in an effort to improve the working life of farmers and ranchers, introduces its latest outdoor technology product, the Ayrstone AyrMesh Hub2n, a “transparent mesh” concept in which all Wi-Fi-enabled devices on a network appear as if they are connected directly to your router.

Devices may include remote cameras, switches, gauges, weather stations and signals from tractors, combines and sprayers.



The new product, available to purchase through the company’s website, includes expanded network security and an outdoor range extension of up to 7.5 miles, allowing farmers to quickly and easily make use of monitoring and controlling equipment.

This helps streamline operations, the company says, but does not require ongoing cellphone expenses.

What’s more, the product is easy to set up, putting high-speed, long-distance Wi-Fi technology in the hands of people who really need it. PD

—From Ayrstone news release