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World Dairy Expo new products: Milking (equipment, sanitation, quality)

Published on 30 September 2015

New milking system from Tulsan
The new Tulsan milking system offers you a new level on automation and comfort, with its automated wash system and direct-to-cooling-tank milk delivery. It ensures efficiency, farm cleanliness and the best milk quality.

This milking system is ready to be sold in the U.S., with stock in spare parts and the best after-sales service. Its portable design and excellent user interface with an electronic control panel make it perfect for small and medium-size enterprises.



It can milk up to six cows at the same time, using a powerful motor and custom oily vacuum motor. This machine offers the same milk filtering and direct-to-cooling-tank delivery as a stationary milking parlor but with the benefits and versatility of a mobile milking machine, and with its corrosion and weather-resistant electrostatic paint and durable construction, it is great for outdoor or indoor use.

Conewango introduces the Evolution XLO low-slip milking liner
The new Evolution XLO low-slip milking liner by Conewango is designed to promote higher milk flow with greater vacuum stability and reduced twist.

The new liner features a round-bore liner with reinforced barrel sections and controlled collapse point for greater vacuum stability, a large-diameter short milk tube with compression ribs and hinge points for more flexible alignment on a wide range of cows, an elongated skirt with scalloped extension, and locking wedges to reduce twisting and provide a better seal against contamination.

GEA introduces DairyProQ and FutureCow Prep System with direct-drive unit
From GEA, DairyProQ is a fully automated, per-stall, robotic rotary milking parlor that brings viable robotic milking technology to large-scale dairies.

With this unit, producers can profitably increase their herd size without having to depend on outside labor. Producers also benefit from consistency – every cow is milked the same way at every milking.


Teat cup attachment, teat prep (including pre-dipping), fore-stripping, stimulation, the milk harvest process and post-dipping are done in-liner, in one single attachment.

Also, the FutureCow Prep System now features an innovative brush unit with the motor inside the handle. It’s completely sealed from any water or disinfectant damage. The direct-drive unit has no drive shaft or casing to hinder scrubber movement.

No gears to change, triggers to replace or handles to reorder. The only maintenance required is routine brush and cover changes, which now require no tools. A light on the unit also allows for an easier line of sight to the teat.

Puli-sistem unveils new teat scrubber and ozone teat scrubbing system
Puli-sistem is proud to present its newest products: the F488 Teat Scrubber and the revolutionary Ozone Teat Scrubbing System (OTSS).

The F488 is a completely renewed and re-designed version of the company’s original F60 teat scrubber. Four rotating brushes that will wash and thoroughly cleanse every kind of teat – long, short, straight or bent. Ergonomic and highly reliable, made in new, higher-quality materials, this is a thoroughly new concept of a teat scrubber device.

It is easier to service and reduces maintenance intervention costs by 90 percent, thanks to its updated, patent-pending design. The teat scrubber can be used in conjunction with the patented OTSS, a device that instantly kills 99 percent of bacteria and somatic cells.


RT10 Platinum Complete gives instant somatic cell counts
The RT10 Platinum Complete is the latest device from Dairy Quality Inc. It gives dairy farmers instant somatic cell counts using, incredibly, an iPod Touch (sixth-generation).

The device saves on testing costs and the time it takes to get results from a lab. It also helps by indicating a possible pathogen when a high count is found in the milk.

With immediate testing and pathogen indication, the RT10 Platinum Complete contributes to a lower SCC on the farm. The result are higher yields, better quality of milk sent by the farm to the producer and higher income for the farmer.

The new product includes new microscopy technology with a wide-area view of the milk sample to ensure accuracy. The Dairy SCC app, which runs the device, takes advantage of the impressive optics and processing power of the iPod Touch.

Features within the app, such as cluster recognition, provide remarkable pathogen indication. The device ships complete with a pre-loaded, ready-to-use iPod.

Idexx offers Somaticell SCC test
The Idexx Somaticell test is designed to rapidly estimate somatic cell count on-farm in raw cow milk samples. The Somaticell test is simple, requiring no special equipment, and can be used on-farm to make real-time decisions.

Whether you are looking to test cows post-treatment, make treatment decisions at dry-off or manage overall milk quality, the hassle-free estimated result makes it a must-have tool on-farm. Each kit provides everything needed to complete a somatic cell count estimate in less than two minutes.

AgroChem introduces footbath dosing system and new line of AMS products
A new footbath dosing system from AgroChem delivers a precise, accurate quantity of pre-mixed footbath solution at the touch of a button with no manual measuring or mixing required.

The system can be programmed for use with two different products, each with its own pump, for use separately or in rotation.

Other benefits include consistent and repeatable results for healthier hooves; maximized value of hoof care chemicals, with no more wasted products from inaccurate measuring; capable of flushing and replenishing on a pre-determined schedule; safer for humans and animals; and consistent and repeatable results for healthier hooves.

The company also introduces a line of chemical products for use in automated milking systems. Products include both iodine and non-iodine teat dips, a peracetic acid-based brush cleaner/sanitizer, alkaline CIP detergent and acid rinse.

New gear from Udder Tech
The new gear from Udder Tech Inc. includes a waterproof veterinary gown and a waterproof veterinary top to keep you clean and dry when working with animals. They velcro in back at the neck and waist.

milking apronsThey are available with two sleeve options: mid-length and short-sleeve. The mid-length sleeve allows you to pull it below your elbow for a looser fit. The gown includes a 1-inch belt and is made of waterproof nylon, with machine wash and dry care. The gowns are available in green.

Mueller introduces HiPerForm III with Robotic Interface Control
The new HiPerForm III incorporates customizable, on-board cool and wash programmability easily without the use of special tools. Boasting a new-generation, high-speed industrial microprocessor, it communicates information quicker than ever.

It is compatible with existing Mueller and non-Mueller-branded coolers. The control has a built-in feature which will resume the last state of operation on power outages, preventing mishaps in power-loss scenarios.

The company’s Robotic Interface Control and Smart I/O are new optional add-on components to specifically allow robotic systems to communicate with the milk cooler, as well as wash and cooling controls, a feature which no other like product has.

The control uses new safeties to prevent cross-contamination of washwater and milk. The two new products together simplify the pick-up procedure for the truck driver.

Mastitis Management Tools launches three new products
Three new products are available from Mastitis Management Tools. The Thrifty Hoof is a waterless hoof bath dispenser that fills your bath with foamed chemical that attaches to hooves as the cow walks through the bath and stays on 30 minutes longer than a normal footbath, allowing more kill time for the chemical.

It’s fully automated, and each cow gets fresh chemical. Since it is waterless, it eliminates 98 percent of copper entering your lagoon or field.

When changing inflations, air tubes, pulsation hoses and milk hose, the new Quick Pull Tools makes hoses come right off.

When you wash your hands, you use warm water to get your hands clean, right? Warm water works for cows, too. The Thrifty Dip Heater delivers warm teat dip to the cows’ teats, improves the cleanliness of your cows and stimulates cows’ teats for faster milk letdown and less machine on-time.

Continental 70-pound G-Flex washer for dairy towels
Continental Girbau Inc.’s new 70-pound capacity G-Flex washer-extractor is engineered to handle the tough laundry loads of today’s dairies. Highly programmable and simple to operate, it thoroughly cleans the towels used for prepping cow udders for milking – helping to reduce cases of mastitis and lower somatic cell counts.

The company’s line of washers – in 40-, 55- and 70-pound capacities – reach extract speeds up to 200 G-force, offer a highly programmable control and deliver superior results using less water and energy.

Operators simply enter a program number and press start. Water levels, rotation action, water temperatures and extract speeds combine with automated chemical injection for perfect, consistent results – no matter who is doing the wash.

With six programmable extract speeds, including 100, 140 and 200 G-force, the washers use single- or three-phase power. They can operate on lesser foundations thanks to this programming flexibility.

Hard-mount washers are typically less expensive than soft-mount washers and offer smaller footprints in comparable capacities.  PD