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1206 PD: Breeders’ Circle

PD staff Published on 11 December 2006

PACE success reaches new levels with November sire summary
Accelerated Genetics continues to maintain an active lineup full of leading genetic sires in all breeds that graduate from the PACE young sire program. Topping Accelerated Genetics lineup for both Net Merit and TPI™ is PACE graduate 014HO04099 Billion. Eighteen daughters were added to his type proof, bringing this high-ranking sire to the elite +2.00 PTAT level. Billion also increased significantly on his Udder Composite (UDC) at +1.63, and his Foot and Leg Composite (FLC) at +2.44.

Accelerated Genetics sire analyst, Dave Erf states, “This BW Marshall son from a Duster dam sires tremendous rear udders. Billion’s increase for type coupled with his great production, longevity, low cell count, positive reproduction and outstanding calving ease results in a TPI of +1895, good for fifth in the breed.” Another BW Marshall son that seems to just get better with every summary is 014HO04026 Airraid. He added 11 daughters on type, and he is now at an impressive +2.89 PTAT. He ranks among the top five in the breed for type. Airraid also increased significantly on his rankings for FLC, now at +2.69. His TPI of +1855 is good for top 10 of the breed. The highest-ranking new PACE graduate from this run is 014HO04148 Nifty.



He is a Bombay son from a VG-88 Zebo dam. Nifty has superior management traits with +5.4 PL, +1.9 DPR and +2.67 SCS. Nifty also has great udders (+1.60 UDC), especially fore udders, udder cleft, depth and teat placement along with superior feet and legs (+2.07 FLC).

Alta’s new graduates lead the field
Alta’s graduating class of bulls has put in a very strong performance once again. In fact, the three highest ranking new bulls for TPI each belongs to Alta and all three are Advantage sampled. Most notably among them is 011HO08031 AltaHATLEY (Norrielake Hatley), a BW MARSHALL son from AltaLUKE’s family, who achieves an exceptional combination of extreme yields with an enviable Health trait profile.

011HO07856 AltaSPARTA (Paradise-DND Sparta) follows, with a similar pattern of high Production yields, solid Type and pleasing Health. Both bulls are solid Calving Ease sires, too. Also, new to the list is the highly reliable 011HO07823 AltaOLIVER (Kelstein Oliver), an AltaHERSHEL son, who delivers extreme component yields and balanced overall Type. An early graduating BLITZ son creates a great deal of excitement this time.

Already sporting excellent Type scores, 011HO08195 AltaBAXTER (Emerald-ACR-SA T-Baxter) is expected to increase further by February. Advantage consultants have seen nearly 100 daughters, and they like what they see: strong, wide-bodied, wide-uddered cows. AltaBAXTER is a very exciting new addition perfectly suited for the breed’s many dairy bloodlines needing added strength.

Another new addition is intriguingly different: 011HO07930 AltaGLINT (Garjo-I Glint) is a rare MANAT son with a pleasing profile combining strong Production, excellent overall Type and pleasing Health. His consistent breeding pattern adds further appeal along with an excellent calving trait profile. And 011HO08285 AltaBEVY (Fustead Bevy), another unique pedigree combining ORION with MTOTO provides yet another opportunity for diversification. His high component, pleasing Health pattern and excellent F&L arsenal will yield him many fans.


Five Holsteins graduate for ABS Global
ABS Global added seven new sires to its active line-up with the release of the November 2006 sire summary. The graduates include five exceptional Holsteins, one exciting Jersey and an outstanding Brown Swiss.

“These seven new dairy sires will complement our strong active lineup with their outstanding type, production and health and management traits,” stated Scott Bentley, Global Dairy Product Manager. “They will provide dairy producers around the world with a wide array of profitable breeding options.”

29HO11138 Cook-Farm DETECTIVE-ET*TL*TV is a DEBUT son that hails from the world-famous Elevation Fayvor EX-95 family and is backed by six generations of excellent cows. DETECTIVE daughters are tall, dairy open cows that stand on excellent feet and legs. Udders are well above the hock with an exceptionally high, wide rear udder attachment. 29HO11214 Sollien GRANDVIEW-ET*TL*TV offers a combination of two great pedigrees, as he is a Durham son from the Sollien B-Star Hero Greta EX-94-2E family.

GRANDVIEW is a high type sire (+2.11), and his daughters are tall and strong with great style and balance throughout. He also is an excellent source for milk yield and is +1114 PTAM. The BW Marshall son 29HO10999 Far-O-La Bwmar Da MONONA*TL*TV hails from a famous cow family as his third dam is the world renown Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95. MONONA exhibits many of the traits of his famous cousin 29HO8538 Regancrest Rbk DIE-HARD-ET including superior health and management traits and outstanding feet and legs. MONONA can be used in heifer pens as he has a low calving ease score (6%).

Taurus reports new November evaluations
Taurus Service, Inc. headquartered in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania, and celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2006 reports exciting news from the November 2006 genetic evaluations from both the United States and Canada. One of the most talked about sires in the world has been 80HO1054 Dupasquier CARISMA EX-92 from Foundation Sires. He is the only “Gibson” son in the top 100 LPI for Canada and ranks #13 with +1901 LPI. He is the #2 type proven sire in Canada at +18 confirmation. His CDN production is +188M +74F +6P.

Carisma also has one of the highest U.S. proofs with +2.61 Type, +3.73 Final Score, and +1445 TPI. He is +0.9 Productive Life, low Somatic Cell Score (2.82) and a leading fat improver at +.24% and +50 pounds fat. Carisma has an ideal linear profile and sires tall, strong, deep open rib cows with superior frames. He is +1.92 Feet & Legs and sires a straighter leg with steep foot angle. He is ideal for pin setting (somewhat lower) and rump width. Carisma is +1.61 UDC proving he sires very acceptable udders with excellent attachments. 80HO0308 Tobis Durham TITAN *TV from Browndale Specialty Sires is the “Durham” son of the EX-96 Tobi with his second dam being Tina EX-95. Titan is +1.77 Type in the United States and +2.21 Udder Composite. His classified daughters average 82.8 points.


Titan sires extreme components at +.18% Fat and +.14% Protein. Titan has an all plus linear and excels for all udder traits. Dairymen really appreciate their Titan daughters that have calved the second time. 76HO0422 Tobis C Lee TRACE EX-90 is the “Lee” brother to Titan proven by Taurus Service. He is also a breed leader for components (+.26% Fat and +.09% Protein), high type at +1.51 PTAT (+2.16 Final Score) with excellent Feet & Legs (+1.84), tremendous udders (+1.54) making him a high TPI sire at +1468.

Three new releases earn slots on Semex’s roster
Semex USA’s Power Line features bulls specially selected to help dairy producers attain specific breeding goals. These sires showed their strength in the November 2006 genetic evaluations. Semex is proud of its 100% CVM-Free product offering; all bulls are tested free of this hereditary defect found in the Holstein breed. Three new releases earn slots on the Semex USA November roster: 200HO01712 Wallaceview ALADDIN (Allen x Rudolph x Odin) is the first Allen son to enter the Semex USA active lineup.

Featuring a genetic package that breeders are looking for, Aladdin delivers overall balance with dependable numbers. He infuses his daughters with strength and power, for greater feed consumption and milk production. Aladdin also offers positive components, +1683 TPI and a unique 546 aAa. 200HO01666 Diamond-Oak APPOINT (BW Marshall x Rudolph x Mascot) promises trouble-free and healthy cows, with +2.4 Productive Life, +2.74 SCS and 6% Calving Ease. An udder improver at +2.63 UDC, Appoint transmits great udder attachments that will last for multiple lactations. This Premier young sire program graduate is a natural choice for success in any dairy.

200HO01745 Peck-Valley OJIBWA-Red (Historian x Johnson x Thor) offers something different for the Red & White breeder. This promising outcross sire and Premier graduate combines a trouble-free breeding pattern with +1139 PTAM and positive components. Medium-framed daughters have nearly ideal rump structure and shapely udders that are especially high and wide in the rear attachments.

Select Sires adds genetic diversity with new Holstein graduates
Select Sires introduced an updated lineup of 93 Holstein bulls, featuring new graduates, to dairy producers after reviewing the USDA quarterly release of genetic evaluations November 13. The impressive lineup features a unique-pedigreed Red and White bull and TPI™ all-stars highlighted by high components, good health traits and outstanding type.

“These new graduates follow the Select Sires tradition of meeting customer needs,” said Blaine Crosser, vice president of dairy sire product line and sales management for Select Sires. “This new class really has something to offer every dairy producer, including balanced, diverse genetics and outstanding total performance improvers, in addition to three new graduates that rank among Select’s top-20 for TPI.”

New graduates 7HO7536 COLDSPRING Kenyon 9118-ET and 7HO7544 Our-Favorite FRASIER-ET debut as total performance specialists with outstanding type. COLDSPRING, a 7HO5375 Mara-Thon BW MARSHALL-ET son with positive components, ranks among Select’s top 10 for both TPI (+1749 83% Rel.) and Type (+2.18). He also scores +1.95 for both Udder Composite and Feet and Leg Composite. COLDSPRING boasts elite health traits with 2.86 Somatic Cell Score (71% Rel.), +2.6 Productive Life (56% Rel.) and +0.4 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (55% Rel.), and carries the Herdlife Builder™ and Superior Settler™ designations. COLDSPRING should be considered for use on heifers with 8% Calving Ease.

FRASIER is a Manat-ET son and 7HO3948 MJR Blackstar EMORY-ET maternal grandson. He is another top-TPI sire at +1705 (81% Rel.), placing him among the top 10 on Select’s lineup. FRASIER also scores well on components (+.03% +51P +.04% +63F 85% Rel.) and fills the bulk tank at +1,393 Milk. With +1.73 Type and +1.99 UDC, FRASIER offers high production and high yields with style. [b:d1c0a89181]Genex sire summaries reveal a solid genetic foundation[/b:d1c0a89181] In the limelight, at +$436 Lifetime Net Merit (LNM), is 1HO7235 TOYSTORY. The star continues his reign as a profit, conformation (+2.67) and conception (+3 Estimated Relative Conception Rate) leader. Calving ease, a positive Productive Life and a #7 spot on the Type Production Index™ (TPI) list add to his credentials. 1HO7127 SHARKY has built a rock-solid proof. In the 98th percentile for LNM, he stands among the best of the best as an all-round sire. A calving ease sire, he’s known for improved udders (+1.36 Udder Composite), and feet and legs (+1.38 Foot & Leg Composite) while siring over a ton of milk (+2214 PTA Milk). Increased conception is an added bonus as he climbs to +3 ERCR. 1HO6959 SATIRE stands firmly in the top 3 percent of the breed for LNM. At over 1,800 pounds of milk and plus components, he is an industry leader for solids. Additionally, he is an udder improver (+1.52 Udder Composite) with a low Somatic Cell Score at +2.68.

1HO5045 LYNCH, 1HO6360 WIZARD, 1HO6362 CLOVER *CV, 1HO5518 HERCULES and 1HO5491 NATION continue their second-crop success reinforcing that the Genex mission is producer profitability. LYNCH has reached over 30,000 daughters worldwide. As a highly reliable sire in the 96th percentile for LNM with high Productive Life (+3.4), outstanding components and a +1 ERCR, he remains a top sire choice among dairymen. Adding well over 3,300 daughters between them, CLOVER *CV, WIZARD, HERCULES and NATION solidified their places in the line-up. All excel in health traits offering outstanding Productive Life, Somatic Cell Scores and Daughter Pregnancy Rates. Conceptions are key to dairy profitability, so choosing high ERCR sires can improve your bottom line. Remember, each positive ERCR point indicates expected conception rate for that sires to be 1 percent higher compared to “average” service sires used in the same herd.

Excalibur’s Norman hits the official top 100 TPI List
Norman made his debut among the top 100 TPI bulls as number 21 this November after adding a large number of second-crop daughters to his proof. In a list filled with few new choices beyond yet more Bellwood Marshall sons, 204HO1010 HIGHLAND-H STORMIN NORMAN EX-94 comes through as the “clear’ choice for those looking for that unique new bull to use.

A complete outcross to virtually every high index cow that lives in the United States, Norman adds strength, width, power and substance. And the really neat thing about Norman daughters, they are cattle that people actually like. He is a high-ranking TPI bull that has good-looking daughters. Norman now has tens of thousands of offspring worldwide France, Japan, Canada, Holland, Australia, Spain and more. What is the unanimous opinion of the breeders that have used him? We need more semen now!

And Norman isn’t the only Excalibur Sires bull making a commotion on the November proofs. 204HO5010 JARDIN is now +1852 TPI. Jardin, an outcross from Bell bloodlines, is a Jocko Besne out of a solid cow family. His dam, Gruenefeld Tonic Dea, is EX-91, and his maternal sister, Gruenefeld James Dema, is scored EX-92. Jardin is also HUGE for components and his 178 first-crop daughters are coming out straight-topped with lots of substance and strength. Type super star 204HO5001 DOUGLAS achieved a PTAT of +2.89 with 84 percent reliability on his first crop daughters. In case you’re keeping track, that’s higher than Dundee, Goldwyn, Advent and Carisma. This Durham son sires strong, wide front ends and excels in productive life. PD