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Slideshow: T&K Red River Dairy

Published on 22 August 2018

For T&K Red River Dairy in Stanfield, Arizona, raising calves comes with its fair share of challenges. To help mitigate this, farm co-owner Tim Dugan chooses to focus on minimizing stress and maximizing nutrition to raise healthy, productive replacement heifers for the 13,000-cow dairy he owns and manages with his father, Tom Dugan Sr., and brothers, Tom Dugan Jr. and Tony Dugan.

Using this philosophy, Tim has been able to decrease calf mortality to less than 1 percent and morbidity to 25 percent. In addition, first-lactation milk production increased from 20,000 pounds per animal to 22,500 to 22,700 in the past six years.  end mark

Learn more about the dairy in the slideshow below. Also read the accompanying feature here.