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Your biggest opportunity (or threat)

Tom Wall Published on 20 July 2011

Chances are, you attended at least one seminar this past year where one of the speakers gave advice on how to improve your business management skills. It always seems that these “experts” essentially say the same thing ... analyze this, analyze that; do this, don’t do that. And although many times we don’t actually implement all of this “common sense” advice, the truth is they’re usually right.

And at the risk of trying to impersonate someone who professes to know what he’s talking about, when was the last time you did a SWOT analysis of your business? Basically, what are your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats?



I realize you’re probably too busy to sit down with a notebook to do a comprehensive analysis of your dairy. So I’m not going to suggest you do that. For the sake of saving valuable time, how about you just do an “informal inventory” of your operations?

Essentially, think about all the departments within your company. For each area of your business, ask yourself what makes each one successful and vulnerable both today and in the future. After you’ve taken the time to think about each department, let’s turn your focus to assessing the people that make up your team.

Since your people run the departments that make up your business, I’d contend that your team is at the foundation of everything your departments do. Ultimately, your people can be your Strength or your Weakness and your Opportunity or your Threat.

So how do the people in each department measure up? Does your team have what it takes to make your job a little easier while making your company more profitable?

Regardless of how you analyze and rate your people, hopefully you’ll see the potential that lies in every person within your company. And as you think about all the people that round out your team, remember that every position that you create presents an opportunity to make your company stronger. PD


Tom Wall