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10 signs you grew up on a dairy

Compiled by PD staff Published on 19 August 2016
little Emily Caldwell

Our staff saw the #bovinechallenge posts making their way across social media, and we decided to get in on the fun with our spin.

This list was compiled by 2016 editorial intern Audrey Schmitz with input from Karen Lee, Emily Caldwell, Peggy Coffeen and Dave Natzke. Enjoy our throwback photos throughout the list. Be sure to share your own photos (email them here) and add to the list in the comments.



You might have grown up on a dairy if you ever ...

1. Started a water fight in the milking parlor just to get even with a sibling who accidentally sprayed you.

2. Curled buckets of grain or bucked small square bales as an excuse to skip the gym and get buff by working out on the farm.

family on dairy

3. Swam in the green water of a pasture stock tank with algae and cow slobber because your parents were too busy on the dairy to take you to the pool.


4. Drove a tractor to school with dairy air lingering on your clothes and missed spots of manure on your legs.

5. Built a playhouse in an empty calf hutch by tipping over buckets for tables and chairs, and fed your siblings a dinner made of dandelions and calf starter.

young Karen Lee

6. Felt like you won the Olympics when your favorite cow won a class at the fair.

7. Used frozen cow manure to play football or be the puck for ice hockey.

8. Dreamed of taking wedding photos with the two loves of your life – your favorite cow and your husband.


young Peggy Coffeen

9. Given or received a non-bovine haircut with a pair of cow clippers.

10. Dropped whatever project you were working on when you heard these three simple words: Cows are out.  PD

PHOTO 1: Editor Emily Caldwell discovered from a young age that helping out in the barn almost always resulted in manure-covered clothing. Photo provided by Emily Caldwell.

PHOTO 2: If you grew up on a dairy, you know that the farm is the perfect place for photos, including engagement, wedding and family photo shoots. Photo provided by Audrey Schmitz.

PHOTO 3: Editor Karen Lee (left) is pictured here with her sisters, playing house in a calf hutch. Photo provided by Karen Lee.

PHOTO 4: Editor Peggy Coffeen knows that winning a ribbon with a favorite heifer must feel a lot like winning an Olympic medal. Photo provided by Peggy Coffeen.