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5 things I can't do without: Barbara Martin, social media

Ryan Curtis Published on 18 May 2010
Barbara Martin

Barbara Martin, aka Dairy Goddess, is a dairy producer in Lemoore, California. She has been promoting the dairy industry’s culture through her blog,, and through Facebook and Twitter.

We asked her what five things make her most effective when she is trying to spread the word through social media.




1. Desktop computer
She has an HP computer that runs Windows 7. She says that she uses her computer most often when she is typing up a blog.

2. Flip video camera
She enjoys recording videos and posts them on her blog.

“I like to think about what I might want to see,” Martin says. “I also remember that people are busy and they don’t have a long time to watch videos, so I try to make them about two minutes.”

3. Satellite Internet
Martin has a satellite Internet connection that costs about $70 a month. She obviously needs the Internet to connect to her blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, but she also searches news sites and information sites for current events and trends. More on that later.


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4. Blackberry Storm cell phone
Martin does most of her Facebook page updates and tweets from her cell phone. She likes to “retweet” what others are talking about to give them more exposure. She makes a point to never text or tweet while driving.

She has a “bling bling” case in which she likes to keep her Blackberry. She says it is an extension of her “sparkly personality.”

5. Ideas/creativity/emotion
Martin begins her day by searching her Google alerts. She has alerts set up for dairy, milk and cows, but she says anyone can set up as many alerts as they want. Then she looks at what’s most popular on those topics for that day and then tries to correct or add to the information available to Google searchers by writing about it in her blog. She writes about topics ranging from antibiotics to her favorite “conventionally happy cow” named Chica. She also shares her ideas and thoughts about cold storage reporting, a particularly controversial topic over the past 18 months, which Martin believes has a major effect on milk pricing. PD

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