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Dairy Intern: Matt Herdering

Published on 01 July 2010


Senior, St. John’s University
Intern at Minnesota Milk Producers Association
Based in Buffalo, Minnesota



Q. In what area are you pursuing a degree?
I’m majoring in management with an emphasis on business administration and a minor in economics.

Q. What is your agricultural background?
I grew up working on North Oak Dairy, my family’s dairy farm in Freeport, Minnesota.

Q. What previous internship positions have you held?
I am an assistant in the Office of the President at St. John’s during the school year.

Internship information
Q. What will your responsibilities be this summer?
I will be responsible for handling multiple events including a bus tour to Wisconsin and picnics on the farm for legislators as well as assisting with various marketing duties.

Q. What do you hope to have learned by the end of your internship?
I hope to learn how a small grass roots organization like Minnesota Milk Producers Association becomes an effective voice for dairy farmers.

Q. What intrigues you most about Minnesota Milk Producers?

I am amazed at the effectiveness and efficiency of Minnesota Milk Producers Association. The organization is able to do so much with only a handful of staff available. I have also noticed how well different organizations within the dairy industry work together.

Q. What can you do to make a meaningful impact during your internship?

I will always be learning and working hard to apply what I have learned to future tasks.

Q. What do you think will be the most challenging aspect of your intern duties?
The most challenging aspect of my duties will most likely be the pace at which Minnesota Milk Producers Association works. Learning on the fly has been a fun, challenging and rewarding experience so far.


Q. What's your best story from the first day or week of your internship?
Minnesota Milk Producers Association’s Summer Bus Tour was a great experience. I was able to learn about many different aspects of dairy farming that I had never experienced before. The operations we visited on the tour were very diverse and the hosts were very informational. It was also great to talk to many people in the dairy industry and learn from them as well.

Future plans
Q. What do you hope to do after graduation?
I will graduate in May of 2011 and hope to pursue a career in the field of marketing and to someday own my own business. I would enjoy working for a company involved in the dairy industry.

Q. If your future plans involve dairy, why is this an industry you want to remain a part of?
I would enjoy working for a company in the dairy industry because the people in the dairy industry are great to work with and my experiences with dairy have been very positive. PD