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I belong to... Penn State Dairy Science Club: Philip Bachman

PD staff Published on 22 August 2011


Hometown: Ulysses, Pennsylvania



My dairy background:
My two sisters and I were born the fifth generation of dairy farmers from both sides of my family. Until 2000, we operated an 80-cow freestall. Since that time, we downsized significantly, and now we milk 20 cows and make cheese from the milk.

Year in school and area of study:
I am a senior at Penn State majoring in animal sciences.

If I wasn’t studying agriculture/dairy, I would be ... probably working at my family’s small dairy farm and creamery.

I have been a member of the Penn State Dairy Science Club for ... 3 years (since fall of 2008)

I joined our club because ... it offered many of the activities I was interested in, and it provided an opportunity to network with people of similar backgrounds.

A little-known fact about our club is … that my mother, Melanie Bachman, was the first female club president in 1982.


One of the hardest-working or most well-known members of the club is ... We have many club members that qualify for this category. Our club depends on these hard-working individuals behind the scenes for almost all of our events, and many of our members take on roles that are key to our club’s success.

My favorite club event is... The Holiday Cheesebox Sale because it is truly a club event and involves nearly everyone in the club. In the weeks after Thanksgiving, club members cut cheese and assemble around 3,000 cheeseboxes to be shipped across the country.

An influential alumni whom I’ve met through the club is ... my parents

He or she is helpful/influential because ... My parents have been the most helpful/influential force in my development. As alumni of the club, they both strongly encouraged me to become involved in the Dairy Science Club. They have supported me in so many ways over the years, and I am eternally indebted to them. They are the ones that instilled in me my passion for cows and my desire to be a good leader. They have introduced me to many of the activities that I now enjoy.

I hope my legacy as president will be ... that in addition to providing sound leadership decisions, members will remember me as someone who liked to have fun but also pushed toward individual advancement.

My advice to all dairy students is ... find ways to expand your current mindset while in college. Dairy clubs provide a great avenue to experience new things and expand one’s own network.


My future involvement in the dairy industry will include … returning to my family’s dairy farm and creamery upon graduation in spring 2012. I look to expand our current operation and find ways to make production even more profitable on our small farm. PD

Penn State Dairy Science Club
312 Henning
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 865-7638

Members: 80
Number of students in leadership roles or on executive committee: Nine executive committee members; 10 event chairs.

Mission: Our club is focused on industry service through activities such as the Nittany Lion Fall Classic which is our annual cattle consignment sale in the fall. Through programs such as Cow Camp and the spring judging contest and by coordinating quiz bowls for three Pennsylvania breed associations, we are committed to youth education. Member development is a key part of our club and is accomplished through ADSA competitions and annual spring trips. We support these activities through club fundraising such as our annual Holiday Cheesebox Sale.