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In your own words... What is one new technology you would most like to incorporate into your operation?

Published on 11 September 2014
Peter Champluvier

Peter Champluvier

Laceyville, Pennsylvania



“We hope to implement a robotic calf-feeding system within the next three or four years.”

Hal drick

Hal Drick

Elmsport, Pennsylvania

“We just put in a new system from Agrivolt in May to deal with our stray voltage. It has a monitoring system that has worked very well for us. I recently had a neutral two-ground wand that had raised our stray voltage. I would have never known that without the monitoring system.”


Ray Prock


“Continual improvement of data collection in all areas.”

george martin and brendan murch

George Martin and Brendan Murch

Coltsneck, New Jersey


“We’d like to add more dairy cows to the farm. We’d also like to invest in better hay equipment and improve work efficiency with haymaking.”

Mitchell myers, Dillon Watters and Dominic Mazzotta

Mitchell Myers

Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania

Dillon Watters

Tyrone, Pennsylvania

Dominic Mazzotta
Tyrone, Pennsylvania

“We’re looking into automatic milkers and automatic calf feeders. Hopefully, we can implement those within the next 10 years.”

Matthew rogers

Matthew Rogers


“With our recent investment in the Lely Astronaut A4 robots, it’s become apparent that more needs to be done with climate control in the freestall. I will be looking at a system that monitors humidity and temperature to assure the correct amount of water is distributed via sprinklers. This system needs to be fully automated such that it’s easy to manage.”

Johnny Verhaar


“Lely smartphone apps”

Ben Evenson


“DairyComp 305 app”

Jessica Peters

Meadville, Pennsylvania

“Robotic milkers so I can keep doing what I’m doing with more cows and fewer people.”

Fred Kunkel



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